LiYana Silver
Teacher, Coach and Author of ‘Feminine Genius’

LiYana Silver is a transformational coach, teacher, and author of Feminine Genius, helping people move through life’s hardest times and come out with the gold.

For over 20 years, LiYana has maintained a private practice offering one-on-one sessions and intensives, and has artfully facilitated retreats and online classes, guiding both groups and individuals through deep transformation, especially those who have accomplished so much in their lives with so little self-love.

A self-love specialist, LiYana is a torch-holder for a world-to-be in which the epidemic of self-doubt and self-hate has completely dissolved — and where it is as natural as breathing to be the self-trusting, self-confident, visionary being you were always meant to be.

LiYana’s work integrates her certification as a Master Practitioner of Transformational NLP, holistic health coach, and yoga teacher. She draws upon her training in childhood developmental psychology, emotional literacy, compassionate communication, human sexuality, body-based meditation, holistic nutrition, and somatic trauma resolution, as well as her first career as a contemporary dancer, performing in six countries on three continents over a decade.


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