Grand Master Nan Lu
Qigong Master and Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Nan Lu, OMD, is a renowned Qigong grandmaster, author, teacher, and doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. His life’s mission is to help others discover their life’s purpose. His contagious passion for transformative healing is informed by 35 years of clinical practice, teaching, and a lifetime of his own self-cultivation. He has discovered through his own deep study with his masters that “answers lie within.” Having walked that path, he brings a powerful combination of humor, insight, and clinical wisdom to all of his teachings.

He has empowerd thousands of patients and students to heal chronic and severe health conditions by discovering their own innate healing abilty. He is the author of five books on self-healing, is a clinical associate professor at SUNY Stony Brook, School of Social Welfare, a master herbalist, and an internationally-recognized Taiji expert. His skills include the healing essence of food as well as calligraphy and music. He is the only remaining holder of the Ziranmen lineage, a unique Taoist natural or “no form” style of martial arts. It is a powerful, internal martial arts system that incorporates Qigong, meditation, combat techniques, and Taoist philosophy.

Nan Lu is the founding director of Tao of Healing, a healing center, and founding director of the Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation (TCMWF), both in New York City. He has trained and certified hundreds of practitioners of LifeForce: Tao of Medical Qigong, Qigong Meridian Therapy, Xiao Dao, and Qigong and Breast Health. In addition, his instructors of Dragon’s Way Qigong® are found in 20 states in the U.S. as well as in France, Spain, and Iceland.


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