Isis Indriya
Founder of Academy of Oracle Arts & Co-Founder of Imaginal Community

Dedicated to a life of prayer, culture, and community building, Isis Indriya is an educator of Egyptian mystery teachings and founder of Academy of Oracle Arts, where she teaches many classes alongside other luminaries. She offers classes in Ritual, Divination, Egyptian Cosmology, and Hermeticism, as well as a 9-month Apprenticeship program in Oracular Arts. 

Isis also leads annual pilgrimages to Egypt, hosts community gatherings in Northern California, is co-founder of Imaginal Community (an online virtual temple), and is a lead producer of The Compass learning hub at the Lightning in a Bottle festival. 

Born in Mesa, Arizona, and raised on the island of Guam, Isis’ journey into ancient mystery studies and sacred sciences began at a young age after the loss of her mother, driving her passion for cultural exchange and inner transformation. As a bridge builder, she connects generations to wisdom carriers of various traditions, fostering cultural and social evolution at both local and global levels.

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