Katherine Chernick Fauvre
Personality Expert & Creator of Enneagram Tritypes®

Katherine Chernick Fauvre is an internationally recognized personality expert, author, teacher, researcher, and transformational coach. She originated the Enneagram Tritype® System and Stackings, and has been honored with an induction into the Marquis Who's Who in America Biographical Registry. With 24 ongoing innovative and qualitative research studies on the Enneagram Types, Tritypes®, Instinctual Stackings, and 16 Personality Types, along with her professional intensives, and involvement in the nonprofit TV series, "Types: Your Personality Revealed," she has established herself as a prominent figure in the field. In recognition of her contributions, she was inducted into the International Association of Top Professionals and named Enneagram Coach of the Year for 2023.

Katherine is uniquely distinguished as the only person in the world who has attended intensives with Claudio Naranjo and Oscar Ichazo. In 1996, Claudio Naranjo validated her research conducted between 1994 and 1995 on the Instinctual Subtypes. Furthermore, she is a Triple Certificated Enneagram Teacher, having certified with the original Enneagram authors, namely, Helen Palmer-David Daniels, Don Riso-Russ Hudson, and Kathleen Hurley-Theodorre Donson. Her additional credentials include accreditation as an International Enneagram Association Accredited Professional with Distinction and past service as an IEA Board of Directors member.

Katherine offers an integrated and holistic perspective on the Enneagram. Her groundbreaking approach skillfully combines the Enneagram and Tritype® personality typing systems with techniques from leading figures in personal transformation and empowerment. Through her "In-Depth Inquiry Process," individuals gain insight into their core motivations, fostering the critical self-awareness needed to create meaningful, lasting change.

Katherine's clientele spans the globe, encompassing companies, groups, families, couples, and individuals. Her teachings on the Enneagram Types and Tritypes® and 16 Personality Types have found application in diverse settings, from executive boardrooms and high school classrooms to courtrooms and county jails.


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