Medium Michael Mayo
Psychic Medium

Michael Mayo is an internationally trained medium, astrologer, and spiritual teacher. He developed his mediumship in the United Kingdom under mediums Gordon Smith (School of Intuitive Studies) and Eileen Davies (Arthur Findlay College). Michael brings a practical, grounded, and evidential style to his spiritual work.

While developing his mediumship, Michael graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a BA in Psychology and Social Behavior and a BA in Drama. With his passion for teaching and helping others discover their own unique spiritual connection, he has taught and studied in the U.S., Europe, and Australia. Michael is also a second-generation astrologer with over 18 years of understanding astrological theory. He teaches and holds workshops throughout the United States and abroad, helping others explore and personally develop through the understanding of astrology.

Blending his many spiritual gifts and skills with a practical, grounded, results-oriented approach, Michael helps you discover your strengths as well as what holds you back — and empowers you to develop your inner strength and grit. He provides a safe, positive, and supportive environment for each person who comes to his workshops, development circles, or consultations. Throughout his many years of working with the spirit world, he has brought messages of love and hope from those on the other side. His greatest mission is to show that life, like love, is eternal.

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