Wendy Black Stern, C-IAYT
Founder of Grief Support Network, President of Center for Somatic Grieving

As founder of the Grief Support Network and President of the Center for Somatic Grieving, Wendy Black Stern has dedicated her life’s work to supporting people to heal and transform through the process of grief. The Grief Support Network’s mission, programs, and network of resources are inspired and informed by Wendy’s personal experience of loss, and her professional background as a yoga therapist, yoga instructor, yoga therapy teacher trainer, and group facilitator.

Wendy has devoted the last 20 years to being a student and teacher of yoga. She has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and is certified as a yoga therapist, yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, and facilitator of yoga therapy groups for grief support and self-empowerment. In 2007, when her son Noah passed away, her grief propelled her into a process of profound transformation, which has brought joy and gratitude back into her life.


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