Her Holiness Jagadguru Sathya Sai Maa
International Spiritual Luminary, Jagadguru, Healer & Humanitarian

Her Holiness Jagadguru Sathya Sai Maa is like no other teacher, leader, or public figure in the world today. Revered as the embodiment of the Divine Mother in India, Sai Maa travels the globe as a bright beacon of love and compassion, sharing her love and light to transform and uplift humanity while working tirelessly to alleviate pain and suffering.

Honored as a living saint and the first female Jagadguru in more than 2,700 years of the Vishnuswami lineage, Sai Maa inspires profound personal transformation through energetic blessings, her refreshing candor, and piercing vision. With her unique fusion of Eastern spiritual wisdom, Western therapeutic knowledge, and energetic mastery, Sai Maa shares teachings designed to help people realize their innate power and learn to become masters in their own lives—ushering in a new era of compassion, unity, and love.

Sai Maa, who has been a dedicated teacher for hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world, has developed a worldwide network of teachers and community groups in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, South America, Israel, Egypt, and India. She holds a PhD in Spirituality from the Open International University of Human Development. She is an inspiring, dynamic keynote and guest speaker. Speaking engagements range from spiritually focused podcasts to discourses at major international conferences.

Sai Maa, who has been a delegate at the World Parliament of Religions, participated in the Synthesis Dialogues at the Pope’s summer residence in Italy. She has spoken alongside other spiritual luminaries such as the Dalai Lama and Thich Nhat Hanh.

Ascending Consciousness Her Holiness Sai Maa Her Holiness Jagadguru Sai Maa


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