Gabriel Nossovitch
Founder WorldWorks Mexico, Human Potential Workshop Trainer

Gabriel Nossovitch the Chairman of ChileWorks and Director of Training of WorldWorks ChileWorks and Mexico. These organizations offer courses in personal development and transformational seminars; and sponsor service projects to the community scale, which aim to raise awareness among underprivileged populations of America. His lifelong interest in ontology and their studies in technology transformation of consciousness come together to create a unique blend of knowledge and experience.

Gabriel is one of the founding members of the International Coaching Consulting and Training Group (ICCTG) an association that provides certification training to ensure proper knowledge and behavior (as well as a high level of quality skills coaching) international coaches and transformational leaders seminar. Gabriel is a member of "Transformational Leadership Council", an International Council brings together world leaders in the field of personal and organizational transformation. Council members are world renowned thinkers and writers who formed this group to promote mutually supportive in their contributions worldwide.


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