Shiloh Sophia
Visionary Artist, Teacher & Founder of Intentional Creativity

Shiloh Sophia lives life as a great adventure! She is a renaissance woman who communicates her philosophy through paintings, poetry, teachings, and entrepreneurship. For 25 years she has dedicated her soul work to the study and practice of creativity as a path of healing that provides access to consciousness. As a curator and gallery owner, she has represented her own work, as well as that of hundreds of women artists.

By the age of 40, she achieved incredible success through being in the top 10 percent of sales for contemporary artists in the U.S. Her prolific intuitive painting process led to a desire to teach, and provided the foundation for her groundbreaking work on how Intentional Creativity® can give voice to the soul. Her method of “creating with mindfulness” has reached tens of thousands of students who have gained insight into the hidden self.

Her work is taught widely, at the university level in MA and PhD programs, the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, and by hundreds of Certified Teachers and Coaches. At the core of her work is a belief that the right to self-express is one of the most basic human rights. She states, “We have a right to know how to access what we think, feel, believe, and to express it in our lives.”

Her life path is a spiritual practice, and an offering that was awakened with the feminine Divine. Her research dives into the exploration of the right/left-brain connection with the heart and reinventing personal archetypes as gateways to liberation. ”When we find freedom from the trauma of our stories, we can invent our own legends, and do the sacred work of organizing our consciousness,” she says.

She is the creator of seven books, as well as a community leader. Having been trained by her mother, Caron McCloud the poet, and Sue Hoya Sellars the artist, she brought her gifts of language and image into form through founding the Intentional Creativity® Guild, Cosmic Cowgirls®, Power Creatives TV ,and Color of Woman®. She lives and works at Cosmic Cowgirls Ranch in Sonoma, California, which provides education both in-house and online, reaching over 25,000 subscribers a month. She can be found most days having tea with her muses discussing quantum physics and celebrating revelations of the heart.


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