Sarah Marshank
Founder of Selfistry

Sarah Marshank is a personal development specialist. She loves to serve people who in some area of their lives feel uncertain or lost. She guides them to discover for themselves who they truly are and what they really want. To facilitate this journey Sarah founded Selfistry, a company devoted to educating, inspiring, and investigating human development. Selfistry refers to the artistry of the self, where authentic selfhood is treated as the foundation of a healthy community and being wisely selfish is the cornerstone of a whole and integrated self.

Sarah's embodied teaching and presence come from spending 10 years in spiritual retreat. It was there that she discovered for herself the truth of what it means to be human and how to live a satisfying and meaningful life. She shares her story in the award winning memoir Being Selfish: My Journey from Escort to Monk to Grandmother.

The Selfistry teachings weave together spirituality, psychology, and neuroscience in a new and innovative way, integrating Eastern and Western philosophy with meditative and somatic practices. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sarah teaches and speaks internationally.


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