John Lockley
Founder of “The Way of the Leopard" Teachings & Sangoma (African Healer and Shaman)

John Lockley is a fully initiated and ordained sangoma (African shaman) in two lineages from South Africa, the Xhosa and Swazi nations. His Xhosa apprenticeship took 10 years, and he was foreseen in a dream by his teacher, MaMngwevu — a senior Xhosa sangoma from the same tribe as Nelson Mandela, who invited him to be her apprentice. He was one of the first modern white men in recent times after Apartheid to be awarded the title of “Ligqira Linkulu” by his Xhosa elders, meaning senior sangoma. His Xhosa name given by his teacher is “Ucingolweendaba,” meaning “the messenger or bridge between cultures.”

He has pioneered the bridge between modern Western psychology and traditional South African healing. For the past 12 years, he has been facilitating “Ubuntu” (Humanity) and Way of the Leopard retreats worldwide, teaching people how they can reconnect to their ancestors, Spirit, and the Earth. A passion of John's is teaching people indigenous African medicine to help them reconnect to the earth. He facilitates this through his Dreams & Tracking retreats in the Kalahari Desert every year, and Leopard Warrior trails in South Africa. John holds an honors degree in clinical psychology.  He is also a Zen meditation practitioner with over 30 years of experience. He took Buddhist precepts with Zen Master Su Bong from South Korea in 1992. John offers private divination and healing sessions online. He is the author of the book Leopard Warrior, and audio teachings The Way of the Leopard

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