Embracing Your Inner Weirdo

By Michael Smith, PhD

As a sensitive person or empath, have you ever been told you're too intense? Too much?

Perhaps you've felt others asking you to “dial it down a notch?”

What if you could embrace your inner “freak,” your inner “crazy,” or even your inner “weirdo”... as a true friend?

Hmm. I wonder what your life would look and feel like if that were truly possible?

I embrace my inner weirdo, I call that part of me “Mr. Magoo” — he brings the funny to others by embracing his “cluelessness.” If you don't know who that is, well, I guess that means I am, well, ahem… OLD. :)

I also have a part of me I call “silly” — so that when I do things like constantly having to make U-turns because I get distracted by my own creative thoughts while driving, I embrace that part of me as if it were a friend. Some get impatient with that process and have gone so far as to call me “stupid.” That's a judgment I won't accept. I prefer “silly.” So when I do something that causes inconvenience, I say “I'm so silly!”

You are part of a tribe of spiritual seekers, lightworkers, and empaths who are devoted and committed to service, yes, and also, quite frankly, a little weird. In the best possible sense of the word.

Perhaps you're a “retro” empath, which just means you work with polarity and sometimes do things backwards in order to bring balance to the world. Missing turns. Going right when someone says left. Reading books backwards. Tripping over your own feet sometimes. Making messes and spilling food on yourself.

Or perhaps you're a “visionary” empath who’s so creative that you make others aware of their own feelings of inadequacy around their own “issues.” If you're a visionary empath, you've likely been told you're “too much” at times for shining your light.

Any of this sound familiar? :)

There's a reason why you’re reading this right now, and perhaps recognizing yourself in these words. It's all a part of your MAGIC.

Yes, you, the one who was told to be small because your BIGNESS made others uncomfortable.

It's time now to embrace the energy and vibration of the following words: happiness, joy, authenticity, truth, voice, weirdness, silly, funny, laughter, creativity, amplified, and yes, BIG.

In balance, of course.

Today's message brought to you by the Universe, to let you know you're not alone.

For over two decades, Michael R. Smith, PhD, has worked to help empaths and highly sensitive people recognize and embrace their gifts. He is the creator of The Complete Empath Toolkit empowerment program.

As a trained counselor, former professor of counseling, and energy medicine practitioner, Michael’s webinars, videos, books, and audios have reached millions of people worldwide. Michael, whose desire is to be of service in facilitating deep connection to Spirit for all empaths and highly sensitive people, has been running a live online group course for empaths, The Empath Academy, for the last 10 years.

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This article appears in: 2020 Catalyst, Issue 5: Evolved Empath Summit