A Breathing Practice to Stabilize Your Root Chakra

By Caroline Shola Arewa


I just wanted to come on for a moment and just talk to you about the root chakra and energizing the root chakra. During this time when we've had this kind of global crisis, one of the things that's happened is it's really kind of destabilized the root chakra. It is threatening our wealth, threatening our health, threatening global economies. All of these things relate to the root chakra. So that's why people are kind of feeling fearful and also retreating, coming back to the earth; people are starting growing things.

So when we know that our root chakra is destabilized, we want a couple of really simple practices that just help us come back to center and just feel strong again, to just have that sense of foundation. The root chakra is about foundation, it's about grounding, it's a red red relating to the goddess energy. It's also about the kind of balance of fear and courage. So obviously we want to be able to be with our fear, but also release — release the fear and coming to that sense of courage. There's some really simple things that you can do.

Now the most simplest is working with the breath. So, taking a deep breath in… when you breathe out, just breathing right down into the root chakra at the base of the spine, the perennial floor. Take your breath right down. So, breathing in through your nose… and out right down into your root chakra. And let's just do this one more time. In through your nose and right down and out through your root chakra. You can have a sense of that breath just really rooting you down into the earth. Just something really simple that you can do anytime. You're just literally anchoring the root chakra back to the earth.

And remembering when you find yourself experiencing fear. hat it's really a chemical shift in your body, nothing has really happened. We're just thinking that something may happen and it shifts the chemical makeup in the body. So if you experienced that, you can bring yourself back using this practice and you can also shift, just kind of shift, the chemical that you're creating by saying something different to yourself. We want to shift out of fear into a place of faith. And faith is finding answers in the heart. So we want to come back from the fearful thoughts that we may be having into that expansive heart center. So just something to remember.

And fear is natural. There's going to be fear. These are really kind of scary times, but just remembering that our fears, our individual fears, tend not to change anything externally. And so we don't want to be really creating within ourselves kind of chemical patterns and essentially create illness. 

So instead, just use a simple practice with your breath, really simple, and just think about finding answers in your heart. Just returning to that place of faith and knowing that even in these challenging times, even in these kind of turbulent times, even in these scary times, that all is well. All is well. Thank you.

Caroline Shola Arewa is known as the Energy Doctor, transforming lives worldwide for more than three decades with her pioneering and award-winning work. Shola is passionate about health, wellness, and supporting people to feel energized and empowered. She is the visionary behind Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach Training and Enlightened Entrepreneurs Lounge. A psychologist, coach, yoga teacher, speaker, trainer, mentor, and author of five books, Shola can help you get your energy back and your life on track!

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This article appears in: 2020 Catalyst, Issue 11: Mindfulness & Meditation Summit