A Personal Invitation to the February 17-21 Ancestral Healing Summit From Your Host, Lisa Bonnice




Our second annual Ancestral Healing Summit, hosted by author and Shift program host Lisa Bonnice, takes place February 17-21.

This FREE summit features a global gathering of visionary speakers who will bring to light the curative powers of ancestral healing — which you can experience to shift your present and our future.

You’ll receive insights, practices, and teachings for experiencing the deep and vitalizing benefits of ancestral repair for spiritual, familial, and even genetic healing.

To register for free, click here.

Hi, I'm Lisa Bonnice. And I'm honored to be hosting the Ancestral Healing Summit for the second year in a row. Ancestral Healing is something that a growing number of us are called to do — and our work is rippling outward, changing the world one ancestor at a time. Like last year, we have an incredible gathering of guest speakers.

In our first summit, we focused a lot of energy on demonstrating that ancestral trauma and PTSD affect us at a DNA level, with plenty of science and psychology to back that up. What our grandparents and their grandparents experienced can be the roots of our illnesses and issues without our even being aware of them. We also learned that through ancestral healing work, we can shift the way our DNA expresses — and change unhealthy patterns for ourselves and our descendants.

This year, we'll revisit those themes with speakers like Mark Wolynn, a leading expert in the field of inherited family trauma... Dawson Church, who shares about the science of epigenetics and EFT… and Brandon Jones, who talks about the legacy of trauma within the African American experience.

In addition to many other favorite speakers from last year, like Sandra Ingerman and Christina Pratt, we have plenty of new speakers like Anita Moorjani who tells us about the advice she received from her ancestors on the other side of the veil during her near-death experience. And Eileen McKusick, who talks about her work tuning the biofield to clear ancestral trauma.

We'll also hear from Suzanne Giesemann, an evidential medium who'll tell us about how to recognize when our ancestors are trying to communicate with us. And Dr. Shamini Jain, who'll lead us in a beautiful mantra to clear ancestral karma from our energy field. Also, Francesca Mason Boring will fill us in on family systems constellations, and how this method of healing can help us to access the joy and beauty in our family histories that have been covered over by trauma and strife.

I wish I could tell you about all of them because each and every session is a gem, but I only have a few minutes. Go ahead and check out the lineup and register for this free event. Your ancestors are waiting.

Lisa Bonnice is an award-winning writer and humorist, winning two Excellence Awards from MSNBC.com during her tenure there as a news writer/associate producer. She also traveled the country as a stand-up comedian, working with the likes of Tim Allen and Steve Harvey. 

Her first book, Shape Shifting: Reclaiming Your Perfect Body, includes a foreword by Neale Donald Walsch, with whom she worked within the organization he founded, Humanity's Team, as the Regional Director of the entire southern portion of the United States. Her award-winning True Crime novel, Fear of Our Father, was featured on the Investigation Discovery Network. Her newest novel, a metaphysical comedy called The Poppet Master, includes a foreword by Marc Allen of New World Library, and is available wherever books are sold.

Lisa hosted her own podcast, Shape Shifting, on BlogTalkRadio, featuring such guests as Lynne McTaggart, Edgar Mitchell, and Neale Donald Walsch. She has been a program host with The Shift Network for four years, where she has interviewed luminaries such as Gregg Braden, Robert Thurman, and Stanislov Grof.

Her current writing project — a novel tentatively titled The Maxwell Curse and based on actual events found in her family tree — spurred Lisa into an almost obsessive interest in ancestral healing. While doing genealogy research, she discovered an ancient witch trial and generational curse, which occurred in the 1600s, and then a massive coal mine explosion in the 1920s, which killed several members of her family. Knowledge of these events explained an awful lot about strange patterns and illnesses in her life and those of her family.

The Maxwell Curse will tell how ancestral legacies can ripple across time for centuries, leaving havoc in their wake. Lisa feels that it's her life's work to heal that curse by working with her ancestors, and sharing with others how they too can break the ties that bind them to their own families' past histories via the Ancestral Healing Summit

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This article appears in: 2020 Catalyst, Issue 3: Ancestral Healing Summit