Maya Fiennes answers the question:

What is the nicest thing a non-family member has ever done for you?


You know what? I really like this question, it’s very unusual. I would say the nicest thing that a non-family member has done for me is the Universe, and listening to the signs of the Universe. So I'll tell you a little story. When I was younger, 20 years of age, not 20 years ago, but 20 years of age, I was a concert pianist and was really working hard. I am from Macedonia, so it was a prize given for the best student to go to Sorbonne, which is a beautiful university in Paris. So I was studying French, I was so ready, and I won the prize. I was so happy, that was it, right? All of my hard work pays off, I'm going to Paris. Guess what? I didn't.

Because in those days... I think in many countries it's like who you know, but in my country specifically, it's definitely who you know. So the person who was chosen to do that was the daughter of a government member, if you like. So she was chosen to go and not me, even though I was chosen the best student. I was so angry, so frustrated. I hated the country, I hated the... I wanted to leave. But anyway, they said, “Okay to make it up for you, you can go to London in Royal College of Music.” So I was doing my master’s degree of piano in Royal College of Music. So I was not happy but of course I would agree because, what else? I wanted to go and really do my study. So I did go to London and guess what? My whole life has changed in London, for better. Who would know?

So that's when I was invited to go to a dinner party at Prince Andrew’s and the Royal Family. And as soon as I arrived there, I saw this amazing, beautiful piano, nine foot, handmade, engraved with different colors. And Prince Andrew was saying, “Oh, Mommy (meaning the Queen), has just given them this as a present. Nobody knows what to do because nobody knows how to play. And I go, “But I can play.” I knew that much of English to say, “Yeah, I can play piano.” So there I am, playing the Chopin, playing the whole thing. And since then all the doors for me in England were open because they were like, “How can we help you?” They keep inviting me all the time. And I ended up entertaining Royal Family. I mean who would imagine these kind of things?

I know we co-create our destiny, but I would never even have that thought in my head that I'm going to end up with Royal Family and be sponsored by them. So that was definitely the Universe doing its job. 

So my destiny took me completely from there. And I got married there, I had my kids there, everything became my home; London became my home in a most beautiful, most glamorous way. So what I'm saying, since then I start being more... listening to the signs that the Universe gives us and trying for every situation that happen in life, even though it's not the way we planned, but God has, and Universe has, the plan for us, then we have to agree to it. It might not show immediately, but then after a while, you see why. So now I learned to really listen to the Universe and the messages, and then just zoom out and just look at the bigger picture. So that's my little story.

Maya Fiennes is an author, yogi, and musician who travels the globe teaching a mix of Kundalini yoga, Tai Chi, and Qigong, incorporating original music that she has written to help her students with music written at the "healing frequencies."

Maya's journey from concert pianist to yogi is a confirmation that anything is possible if we allow it and believe in it!

She has produced over 20 DVDs and CDs, and authored Yoga for Real Life, which empowers people to tap into their potential of self-healing through mindfulness and meditation. Maya has also developed The Maya Fiennes Method, which helps her students transform their lives and find their path to freedom... from fear, anxiety, and stress. Maya holds regular retreats, events, and teacher training courses around the world where she works with small, select groups and sometimes one-on-one with students to unlock their potential and give them access to joy!

She is also the creator of KundaDance, a 60-minute high-intensity, fun, uplifting, cardio dance workout. It’s a creative movement class combining Kundalini Yoga, Tai Chi, and Qigong. KundaDance takes you on a journey through the chakras actively aligning your body, mind, and spirit.

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This article appears in: 2019 Catalyst, Issue 21: Awaken Your Kundalini Summit