Kia Miller answers the question:

What is the nicest thing a non-family member has ever done for you?


Well, there's so many things that people have done for me along this path of life, particularly when I was younger and didn't have much of a clue of how to be skillful in this life. I feel like people were helping me a lot

When you first asked, this one story came to mind because it was quite unexpected. I lived in London for many years and I worked as a model in London and in different parts of Europe. And as a model, I guess one expects, usually there's an ulterior motive when people are offering things. But there was this one occasion where I worked with a director; he was an older man and he and I chatted quite a lot in the breaks between the filming, and we created sort of a bond, you could say, a relationship, friendship.

After that shoot, he connected with me and invited me over for tea and he gave me quite a few thousand pounds, which is a lot of money back then when I was modeling. And I was quite shocked, and convinced that there must be an ulterior motive to this gift. But I took it anyway. And he then followed up with just a card to say that he would hope that somebody else would do this for his daughter if ever that situation arose and there was a need. He had seen that I was a struggling model, I wasn't making a lot of money and I was bouncing around different housing situations. And this money enabled me a moment of financial freedom to actually get a place by myself, et cetera. So it was an interesting moment in time and there were no expectations on that gift, as crazy as that may sound.

So that one sticks to mind, I think probably because there was finances involved in it and it was a much-needed gift in that moment, and so unexpected. However, there have been so many in my life... countless moments of random acts of kindness from strangers that have supported me in moments where I needed support. I think this is the crowning jewel of the human being, that ultimately there's a love, there's a kindness, there's a compassion, there's a desire to help others. And you see that all over the place. No matter that the news and the media is talking usually about the less attractive traits of human beings. I find that when I'm out there in the world and I'm traveling and meeting new people, that underneath all of it is this underlying current of a desire to help one another, to be there for one another and to be kind and loving.

And so I'm proud to be a part of this human family and to know that there are countless others out there who simply have a desire to be a helpful human being, to be a loving human being, to be kind, and to be compassionate. And so, as you asked this question, I realized just how many glimpses of kindness and love and support have been on my path that have made it possible for me to be where I am today. And I'm truly grateful.

Kia Miller, an internationally celebrated yoga teacher, is the founder of Radiant Body Yoga, a holistic approach that honors the healing and transformational potential within yoga. She’s known for sharing her wonderful passion for life and wellbeing in her teaching. Kia views the science and spirituality of yoga as a pathway to experiencing peak performance and great awareness. Her mission is to inspire and awaken as many people as possible to their own power and creative potential. Kia leads workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings throughout the world.


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This article appears in: 2019 Catalyst, Issue 20: The Dreamwork Summit