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From Panic to Peace

By Mona Delfino

What better way to begin our connection to our higher self than to trust our own inner wisdom?

Recently I was doing a reading on a beautiful young lady who had recently become a naturopathic doctor. Her spirit and her heart were angelic, like a soft fabric that you could feel comfort with over and over again. However, she was riddled with fear around people. She couldn’t even go to the store without starting into a panic. Her patients were good, kind, and committed to her as they too could feel her love and compassion as a doctor. Because of her fear though, she called me for a session, and we went through her heart energy to hear what the energy of the cause was telling us.

I began to read where her father was overwhelmingly strong, to the point of having severe expectations on her. As the oldest child, she felt compelled to live up to that; however, in her heart, natural medicine was the way to go. I sensed a strong soul and a beautiful, gentle heart that became confused by her upbringing; yet she remained truthful to herself.

Unfortunately, that did not come without its quirks. After a while of being around people, she would feel imperfect. Her subconscious was telling her that she would never be “up to par” and she began to retreat internally. When we were talking about it, she became shallow in her breathing and fear set in. I began to run energy in her to help calm her nerves in order to continue working. She was ready, and she was willing. Once we contacted the cause, she could breathe again. Her body allowed the energy to counteract her condition, giving her a sense of peace. Now she was able to identify this, and because she understood it, she refused to allow this to run her life any longer. In one hour, we shifted her whole life from panic to peace. 

I share these stories because they teach us how the many ways in which we were raised are coming to the surface, like the cream on top of the milk in the milk bottle. People think they are sick and need help for falling apart. It can look and feel grim for many as these inner discoveries are happening; however, we must remember that with every dark cloud, the sun still shines. This is where we are today. A world of hurt is really a world of change. No longer do we have to depend on someone to always be there, because we are the ones who are always there.

 This excerpt is from the chapter, “Living Heaven on Earth,” from Mona Delfino’s new book, The Body Awakens.

Mona Delfino a quantum shaman and Energy Medicine practitioner, has worked on and helped heal thousands of people across the world. She is a sought-after speaker and healer who takes medical intuition to a whole new level. Mona is fluent in the language spoken by the body. She’s the author of The Sacred Language of the Human Body and her new book, The Body Awakens.

Mona, whose passion is to be a catalyst for healing and self-empowerment on ALL levels, teaches "the magic of the medicine within." She’s a certified instructor and trainer with the Institute of HeartMath, and an initiated shaman in Costa Rica with the Talamanca people.

She loves the art of alchemy and is a bridge-builder who brings together science and spirituality, ancient and current healing techniques, quantum medicine and the Aloha Spirit. As a spiritual priestess, her background is extremely dynamic, and her track record of providing exceptional readings makes her "The People's Healer." 

Mona offers individual healing sessions that are done over Skype, phone, or in person. In addition to holding timely and relevant spiritual retreats, she offers thee online energy medicine courses for individuals: The Spiritual Immune System, The Splendor of Surrender, and The Medicine Within.

Click here to visit Mona's website, Sacred Reconnections.

Here is the book trailer for Mona’s new book, The Body Awakens:

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This article appears in: 2019 Catalyst, Issue 17: Sound Healing Global Summit