Mona Delfino answers the question:

What is the nicest thing a non-family member has ever done for you?


Oh, Phil, where do I begin? Basically, I have to tell you that my whole life has been so amazing with a lot of the people who I have worked on, who have always either given me a gift or said something wonderful or done a wonderful testimonial. It's always been a real good thing for my life. 

But I do have one thing that I'll share with you that I feel was really, really important to me. It was many years ago, when I was actually working in Lincoln City, Oregon. I had my own healing center, and I had a couple that would come in from Alabama. They had a motor home... and really nice people. They would work with Caroline Myss, they worked with all these other healers, and came to see me at one point and apparently I hit the nail on the head for his wife.

As it turns out, they had called me one day and said they were going to be moving back to their house in Hawaii. They said, "The only problem is we have a motorhome, and we need to sell it and we're wondering the best way to sell it." It's actually more of a motor coach, so this thing is expensive. He says, "Well, you know, Mona, do you have any idea on the best way that we can sell this?" And so I said, "Yeah" as I started looking at the situation, because I read energy for a living. So I was reading it, and I said, "Well, you know, it looks to me like you'd be better off doing eBay." They said, "They put motorhomes on eBay?" They put everything on eBay! I mean, you can even get all kinds of land and stuff, if you want to.

So I turned around and I told him, I said, "I see that you can put it on eBay, and I also see that there will be two people coming over to look at it. And the first one..." and I even saw how they looked. So this was a real interesting thing, because normally I don't go into that detail until I'm actually working on people and then I'll go into it. But at this point, I actually started to feel it. So I turned around and I said, "Well, I see two people coming to look at it, and the first one is going to be a little bit on the short side. The guy's going to be in probably his 60s. He has a wife with him; the wife doesn't really want it, but he does."

So I was reading this information and I said, "But he won't be able to afford it as much. But the second guy that comes in is going to have cash, and here's what he looks like. He is going to be dangling change in his pocket, and when you hear him dangling his change or see his hand in his pocket, then you're going to know that that's the man I'm talking about. He is bald, he has no hair. He is in his late 60s, early 70s. He wants your motorhome, but he's going to want to know there's something wrong with it." My client is sitting there just shaking his head and going, "What the?" and I said, "But this is what I'm seeing." I said, "So I'm going to tell you. He's going to come in, he's going to look it, and he's going to say, "What's wrong with the motorhome?" And you have kept it so pristine and so perfect that you know that there's nothing wrong with it.

“However, he's going to want to say something's wrong with it, so in order for you to sell it as fast as you want for cash, you need to tell this man, when he comes to look at it, and he will come to look at it..." I said, "... is that there's a little leak in the sink, you're going to hear a little drip once in a while, or you're going to see the closet door's going to squeak a little bit. Tell him something is the matter with it and he will buy it on the spot. You can get full price for it if you choose." And he says, "Well, we're planning on getting $500,000 for it." I said, "Oh, no. No, it's worth $800,000 at the least," because they had kept it in absolutely pristine condition. So, as it turned out a few weeks later, they did exactly that. They sold it to the man that I had predicted would be coming, and they actually sold it to him for cheaper than $800,000; they sold it to him for $700,000. They still made $200,000 on it compared to what they were going to sell it for.

So, the nice part was they end up coming to my office and they want to thank me for helping them to sell the motor coach, that it turned out perfectly and they were shocked that everything had been absolutely the exact thing that I had told them. And so they said, "Yeah, it was the same guy. He did fool around with the change in his pocket." So they knew that this was the guy to talk to. It worked, and they sold it that day. 

So, here's the best part. After that, they come in and they start talking to me and telling me, "Thank you." Well, he says to me, "Hey, Mona." He's got this accent. He says, "You like my hat?" and I said, "Yeah, yeah, I love your hat. Yeah." It's a cap. It's a baseball cap, and it says, "Hilo, Hawaii," on it.

Papa K Kepilino

And so I said, "Yeah, I like it," and he goes, "I've got six or seven different colors because of the family reunion that we're having. Now which one would you like?" I said, "I'll take a red one," and he says, "Okay, then." Out of his pocket he pulls a first-class ticket to Hilo, Hawaii, which is the first time that I actually ever had an opportunity to go. This was in October of 2005. It turned out that I took him up on it, I went over there. It was his thank you to me, him and his wife. I got over there and spent 10 days over there in Hilo at their house, with the most amazing experiences. First time going over there. Met Papa K Kepilino, who was the Kupuna that I was going to work with and become the Alaka’i for the rest of my life.

This opportunity for me was about giving and receiving, but, man, I mean, what I received from this, money couldn't buy. So I was very grateful, because from that moment on, I became very, very close to Hawaii. I was only there for 10 days with them that time. I heard from the Kupuna that I would be living there, so I went ahead and put everything up for sale. That was in October. By the time I got back to Lincoln City, I sold everything I had and I was back in Hilo in January of 2006, where my story really began. So that is the nicest thing, I believe, that's happened to me that changed my life.

Mona Delfino a quantum shaman and Energy Medicine practitioner, has worked on and helped heal thousands of people across the world. She is a sought-after speaker and healer who takes medical intuition to a whole new level. Mona is fluent in the language spoken by the body. She’s the author of The Sacred Language of the Human Body and her new book, The Body Awakens.

Mona, whose passion is to be a catalyst for healing and self-empowerment on ALL levels, teaches "the magic of the medicine within." She’s a certified instructor and trainer with the Institute of HeartMath, and an initiated shaman in Costa Rica with the Talamanca people.

She loves the art of alchemy and is a bridge-builder who brings together science and spirituality, ancient and current healing techniques, quantum medicine and the Aloha Spirit. As a spiritual priestess, her background is extremely dynamic, and her track record of providing exceptional readings makes her "The People's Healer." 

Mona offers individual healing sessions that are done over Skype, phone, or in person. In addition to holding timely and relevant spiritual retreats, she offers thee online energy medicine courses for individuals: The Spiritual Immune System, The Splendor of Surrender, and The Medicine Within.

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