Realizing Our Wholeness: Bridging Science and Spirituality for True Healing

By Dr. Sue Morter

As a doctor for more than 30 years, paired with my experience and realizations during a profound spiritual awakening nearly 20 years ago, I believe the most important topic we could ever address in the course of our lives, is that of realizing our wholeness.

Whether it’s in regards to healing the physical body, managing our emotional ailments, or even trying to access our spiritual truth – remembering who and what we are actually made of, and what is happening with every life experience we have, is necessary for true healing to happen and to last.

To fully embrace and be all that we were born to be, we have to understand the revelations and breakthroughs science is creating for us and how they relate to the deep spiritual traditions of thousands of years.

Bridging the Two Systems of the Body

Let’s take the systems of our body for example. We have two systems that run our body. The central nervous system is the one that modern western science focuses greatly on in order to explain how we process information, develop and coordinate ideas, take action, heal, invent and create. However, in Eastern Traditions, it is the electromagnetic energy system, which actually built the nervous system in the developing embryo, that has been studied in greater degree for thousands of years.

The Toric Field

Considered the Master System, the electromagnetic energy system is foundational when it comes to generating the evolutionary impulse in the body and mind, generating mental and emotional healing, sparking inspiration and acting as the perfect template for cellular healing and rejuvenation. It is truly spiritual (invisible, yet quite measurable) energy which is now being documented by science as electromagnetic fields that are influenced by our minds and intentions, and have the capacity to influence our very DNA.

The electromagnetic energy system exists beyond (and prior to) the physical body in a large donut-shaped field of energy called a “toric field.” This toric field is created as universal energy pours down through the body, hits the earth, rises back up, and spouts out the top of the head, cycling around the outside of the body drawing back up internally from the tip of the spine. This creates a continually rejuvenating waterfall of energy that nourishes the physical body with a constant replenishment of new energy pouring in from overhead as it continually renews, cleanses and detoxifies our system.

As long as energy is allowed to flow freely without interference created from our own constantly reoccurring limiting beliefs and/or attitudes of inadequacy, healing takes place as we constantly build a new version of ourselves with this continual flow of energy.

Science shows that in a seven-year cycle, every cell of the body fully replaces itself. If you’ve had an issue going on longer than that time frame, it’s a clear sign that the electromagnetic energy system isn’t filtering, cleansing and detoxifying like it was designed to. If it had, the energy would have replaced, replenished and completely rejuvenated the system and the issue would have healed.

Distortions in the Energy Field affecting energy flow

When natural healing doesn’t occur, it’s a sign there is interference in the energy flow rising through the system, resulting in a distortion in the energy field. Over time, these distorted energies have an effect on our physical body causing pain, illness and disease. For healing to occur, we must get the energy flowing without distortion. We must facilitate its robust, consistent and unwavering flow through our system, as is intended naturally. Fortunately, each of us has the inherent power to do this!

We can get the energy flowing in our system again using our conscious thought, breath and body.

Conscious Healing

Quantum science is now proving what ancient spiritual traditions have heralded for centuries as the power of prayer or focused intention - that energy follows thought. 

Our perceptions, as well as the ability to think and act in certain ways, have a profound impact on our health or ability to heal, and are determined by the level of consciousness at which we are awakened to at any given time. For instance, if someone is in a survivorship state of consciousness, they may be stuck in a fear-based reality, feeling inadequate or insufficient resulting in constantly trying to protect themselves by acting in a defensive way. It’s a prolonged states of survival consciousness that generates distortions in our energy fields and lowers our overall experience of well-being and wholeness.

In order to access our creatorship rather than our survivorship, we have to learn how to raise our vibrational frequency, which in turn enables us to think different kinds of thoughts automatically. By doing this, we change how the energy is flowing through our body and the next thing you know, we're living in a more harmonious state and operating as a creator rather than just a survivor. When this happens, we enable ourselves to heal physically, mentally and emotionally, because of a spiritual (natural, invisible, measurable) energy shift.

So how do we change our level of consciousness and vibrational state?

There is a considerable amount of conversation in our western culture of self-help about raising our vibrational frequency. Typically, the conversation includes the types of foods we eat, the way we exercise or how we breathe. To fully return to our wholeness however, we can’t simply shift our vibration using our five sensory selves. That would be addressing only the scientific aspect of who we are in our five sensory world and how the nervous system runs the body.

We have to also address it from the spiritual, or energetic, aspect of our being. We are, after all, more than what meets the eye.

Understanding the Truth of Who We Are

Realizing our wholeness isn’t only about learning to move energy differently in our bodies so healing can occur. It’s about recognizing the truth of who we are as energy beings and the true power we have as conscious creators to determine the life experience of our choosing.

The truth is, we are energy beings made of pure, creative energy. Quantum science is showing that the spiritual, or energetic, component is actually predominant over the physical component, and that it’s the invisible energy of our system that is actually more important than the visible, tangible tissues of our physical body – including our very DNA inheritance.

In this invisible realm, it is the high-frequency energy that vibrates beyond what we see with the naked eye that we're made of. In the world of spirituality, we call it the Holy Ghost or the invisible essence. It’s this spirit being or, what science is now studying and depicting as the energy field around the physical body, that predetermines what happens inside of the physical body.

As we recognize that we are this invisible energy spirit formulating and presenting as a physical body, we understand that we generate our own physiology with the concentration of our energies – mentally, emotionally and physically. With this awareness, we recognize that we manifest our physical reality in whatever form we so choose. We become the creators of our life experience.

For instance, for over 75 years it's been regularly documented in scientific research that an interference in the energy field ultimately shows up in the physical body as disease or can even predict the probability of an injury happening because of a distortion in the field. When a distortion in the field exists, we find ourselves stepping off a curb and breaking our ankle, bumping our head against a tree branch, becoming ill or worse.

On our path to wholeness, the important distinction to recognize however, beyond science telling us that we have an energy field and that our thoughts have an effect on how the energy flows, is that this energy field is actually YOU. It’s who you are, not something that you possess.

To bridge this understanding of our own system, a bridging of concepts of science and spirituality (energy) must occur. Science and spirituality exist on a spectrum. The same energy spectrum. Fortunately, science is able to measure more and more of the entire spectrum itself, and by doing so will allow us to piece our wholeness back together in our perceptions. We are the electromagnetic energy field and the central nervous system and have the ability to affect both by using our conscious thought.

Most of all, we have to recognize that we are not a soul in a physical body. Our physical body is our soul, our spirit, in a denser vibrational version. When we can bridge the gap in our mind that we are body and spirit, and recognize fully that our body is spirit (energy too) we will finally have realized our wholeness, and the truth of who we are. It is from here that true, natural healing can occur and be maintained.

Dr. Sue Morter, an international speaker, master of bioenergetic medicine, and quantum field visionary, redirects the flow of energy patterns in the body to activate full human potential. In her new book, The Energy Codes: The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life, and through her seminars, retreats, and presentations, Dr. Sue illuminates the relationship of quantum science and energy medicine, as well as the elevation of human consciousness and life mastery. 

Her globally taught Energy Codes® coursework teaches individuals how to clear subconscious memory blockages and how to master the energetics of their lives. With more than 30 years of experience as a doctor and facilitator of groups and individuals interested in natural healing and a better life, Dr. Sue shares her developments and unique perspective drawn from a life-changing awakening during ancient meditation practices. 

She’s the co-creator of the Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) and founder of the Morter Institute for Bioenergetics, an organization committed to teaching individuals self-healing techniques and a new approach to life based on quantum science. The three distinct schools within Morter Institute — School of Energy Medicine, School of BodyAwake Yoga, and School for Higher Consciousness and Personal Development — represent the unification and embodiment of mind, body, and spirit, and provide tools and avenues to empower and facilitate the global community to discover and embody a joyful and inspired life lived from the true, Soulful Self. 

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This article appears in: 2019 Catalyst, Issue 14: The Reuniting Science & Spirituality Summit