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Wake Up Your Spirit and Connect With Your Guides

By Sonia Choquette

I grew up in a world where there was virtually no veil between the physical and non-physical planes. And because of that, it was natural to me to connect with the spirit world of helpers and guides at all times. I not only asked my spirit helpers and guides for assistance, I felt their presence and received their non-stop help all the time. With their help, my life was magical, fulfilling, positive, and always protected.

To me this was not a big deal. It was natural, and I assumed everyone had the same experience. But early on in life I began to realize, sadly, that the rich and loving world of spirit from which I drew such comfort and support was virtually unknown to most people and I wondered why.

Over time I’ve also come to understand that our disconnection from the spirit world is a Western soul disease in which industrialization and intellectualism have snatched us from our hearts — the place where we meet and commune with spirit — and planted us squarely in our heads — the place where our egos reign over us with threats of isolation and annihilation. By “living in our heads,” we not only miss out on our spirit and our natural connection with the spirit world, we miss the magic they bring as well.

The good news is that with a little effort you can reconnect with your guides, because as spirit it is only natural that you connect with the spirit world. To start, it helps if you understand exactly who your guides are and where they come from. In fact, just like the many people you know, there are many, many levels of spirit guides and non-physical entities and energies in the spirit world, all vibrating at their unique frequencies, much like multiple radio stations simultaneously sending out unique signals.

Each guide has its own frequency, some higher than others, like specialists waiting to help us on virtually every matter in our world. Some of these guides are those who have once lived; some guides are past family members and loved ones; some guides are from past lives that you’ve shared; some guides come in as spiritual teachers to oversee and direct your path.

You also have healer guides who assist your physical and emotional care; helper guides who make the practical day-to-day matters you face run smoother; nature spirits and elementals who connect you with the earth; animal spirits to guide your journey; even joy guides to keep your own spirits high and make you laugh when life becomes overwhelming and painful. There are also angels, saints, divas, masters, and of course the Alpha and Omega of all guides, our loving Creator, God.

So you see, the spirit world is as populated as ours — myriad different guides working on different frequencies all the time to help and assist us. This shows how wonderfully loving and generous God is toward us. No matter what we face, or what we desire, we have a huge divine support system in place to help us face all of our challenges and realize all of our dreams. All we must do is ask for their help.

If we remember that we are spiritual beings and we have a high vibration, we are not too distant from the spiritual frequencies of those in the non-physical plane, thus making connection with our spirit guides easy. But if we forget or don’t know we are spiritual beings and identify with our egos instead, we consequently have a lower vibration, and are more distanced on the frequency range from the spirit world, so making the connection to our guides is a bigger stretch.

It is no different than the difficulty of having an AM radio receiver wanting to tune into an FM broadcast. You can’t. In order to receive the broadcast you seek, you must have the right receiver. In the case of receiving guidance, that receiver is your conscious awareness of and attention to your spirit.

The good news is that no matter what your present vibrational frequency, or consciousness, if you want to connect with your guides and benefit from their support you can. To do so, simply become aware of and connect with your own spirit. The simplest way to do this is to recognize what makes you come alive. By this I mean what experiences, activities, energies excite you, inspire you, give you strength, fortify and nourish you at your core, leave you feeling satisfied, in love with life, and comfortable in your own skin? These are the things and ways that connect you with your spirit and lead you to your authentic self. The closer you are to your authentic self, the closer you are to your guides, as they vibrate on the same frequency.

If you’re disconnected from or insensitive to your spirit, chances are very high you will also be disconnected from any assistance from your guides as well. The more you pay attention to and pursue what you love, the more you will sense your guides helping you succeed. They will do everything possible to make your life easier, happier, and more satisfying if you ask them. In respecting your free will, they cannot interfere with your life, make your decisions, intrude upon your intentions, or change your course. They can only help you with the decisions you make, and even then only if those decisions support your authentic spirit and deepest happiness.

Yet do know that your guides are eager to help. The more you ask from them, the more they give. They want to serve. In fact, if you want to experience blessings from your guides right away, ask them to give you a present today. I assure you that before the day is over, they will, and loving doing it as well.

Do not struggle any more in life than you have to. Life is challenging, which is why our Creator gives us all the support we need. Open your heart and let your guides in. They love you and are eager to get to work helping your life flow easier.

A third-generation intuitive and prolific writer, Sonia Choquette has written books that have sold over a million copies worldwide, including her New York Times bestseller, The Answer Is Simple… Love Yourself, Live Your Spirit.

In working with people for more than 32 years, Sonia insists that the sixth sense is natural to us all. Whether it’s those “hunches” or “feelings” or “vibes,” everyone has them; unfortunately, most people dismiss or ignore them and sadly miss the benefits.

With the onset of the changing world we now live in, Sonia emphasizes that using our intuition is no longer optional. Working with and strengthening our intuition is becoming more and more fundamental to our ability to live harmoniously with ourselves and others in the new world order.

Paying attention to the sixth sense, learning to listen, to trust it, and to train oneself to call on its guidance — these are the challenges facing six-sensory people trapped in a five-sensory culture.

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This article appears in: 2019 Catalyst, Issue 9: Evolutionary Empath Summit