A Personal Video Invitation to the May 14'17 Evolutionary Empath Summit From Your Host, Bevin Niemann



Our first annual Evolutionary Empath Summit, hosted by Bevin Niemann, founder of The Guild of Perceptive Souls, takes place May 14–17.

This FREE summit features a global gathering of sensitive leaders who are on fire with groundedness, belonging, purpose, and power — women and men who want to guide you with their wisdom and support your personal journey of transformation at whatever stage of evolution you’re in.

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Greetings from whatever corner of the planet that you're hailing from. I'm Bevin Niemann, host of The Shift Network's very first Evolutionary Empath Summit. The evolution of an empathic, sensitive, and intuitive person is a beautiful process of unfolding. It is an invitation to come out of isolation and seek out like-minded souls, to find your place in a community of others just like you, to connect, to learn, and grow.

Whether you've recently awakened to your sensitive, empathic, and intuitive gifts, or maybe you've been integrating your gifts into your life for quite a while, perhaps even through serving others, we've mindfully included something for everyone. The Evolutionary Empath Summit integrates the newest scientific research about our trait with practical tools to help you thrive in everyday life. We're also featuring inspiring spiritual teachers from across the globe to help you connect within and to something much greater than yourself. So let's dive in to explore a little bit of what you'll experience when you participate in this event.

Probably the number one question I hear empaths ask is, “How do I cope when I can sense all of the energies, emotions, and sensations from the world around me?” Well, join us on this summit to hear Dr. Judith Orloff's strategies to help you move from being an emotional sponge to standing fully in your power as an empath. Or learn from the incredible wisdom of Grandmother Flordemayo, who leads us through this amazing visualization to connect deeply with the natural world by accessing the power of the four elements — water, wind, earth, and fire.

We'll also learn from David Markowitz, author of Self-Care for the Self-Aware, who highlights the special physical, social, and dietary needs of sensitive people — and how to heal those energies you may have absorbed at the root level. And Dr. Michael R. Smith demonstrates tools so you can set healthy boundaries. We all know that's a really vital skill for empaths.

The summit covers many other relevant topics as well. For example, coach and historian Denise Dryden provides an overview of the successive generations of sensitives who've been born onto our planet — the Indigos, the Crystals, the Rainbows, and the Diamonds. Learn why each of one of them is here and how to know if you or your children resonate with one or more of their characteristics.

Tree Franklyn provides some incredible exercises for those who struggle with that emotional intensity — you know what I'm talking about — to help you come back to your center and stay calm and grounded no matter what's happening around you. Psychotherapist Julie Bjelland, who specializes in working with highly sensitive people (HSPs), shares the two decades of scientific research that uncovers why at least 25 percent of all human beings are born with a brain and central nervous system more open to stimuli in our environment.

Ted Zeff and Franklin Madison share their journeys as sensitive and empathic men. They describe that sensitive masculinity is an asset to our world. And they discuss strategies that help us uplift our sensitive and empathic men and boys. And for those of you who may be interested in career resources, several of our guest speakers focus on how empathic and sensitive people can advocate for themselves in the workplace, why we're really amazing, sensitive entrepreneurs, and how to go through the process of discovering your unique calling.

Now, I'm sure you can tell by now that this summit reflects the diverse needs and interests of many different empaths, sensitives, and intuitives. Why did we feel like this summit was so important to bring forth at this time?

Well, more than any other time in history, empaths, HSPs, and intuitives are awakening to our gifts. I believe this is happening because our world is at a crossroads. Everyone on our planet shares responsibility for the direction of our future. We hold the power to co-create a world that works for everyone. Our human family is individually and collectively on a path to heal our wounds and shine our light.

The greatest healing opportunity for empaths, HSPs, and intuitives is that after thousands of years we can finally be open about who we are. Many highly perceptive people throughout history, and even recently, felt shut down by those who did not understand, did not believe, or even feared us. However, this is a new era. Technology is allowing us to gather in global communities like the Shift Network to reveal ourselves, to share what we know with each other, and to build valuable connections.

Our summit speakers are bringing forth a message of optimism and empowerment that even in our fast-paced, sometimes chaotic world, it's entirely possible for you as an empath, as a highly sensitive person or intuitive, to move out of survival mode and into thriving. They each talk about how the journey begins from within, and when you experience that inner healing and growth it changes your life completely on the outside. There are over 1.4 billion sensitive people on planet Earth. If there is one important message that I can impart to everyone who is tuning in today, it’s that you are not alone. There are many of us who experience life like you do. This is our normal.

Please join us for this inaugural event — May 14–17, 2019 — and feel free to invite others you know who can benefit from learning more about themselves, or how to support the sensitive and empathic people they love. I so look forward to connecting with you inside the Evolutionary Empath Summit. Here's to your learning and growth.

Bevin Niemann has been tuned-in (highly sensitive, empathic, and intuitive) since childhood. For two decades, she shut off her gifts to chase the expectations of mainstream culture — college, marriage, house with a white picket fence — yet nothing went quite as planned because she just doesn’t fit that mold.

After a dramatic spiritual re-awakening, Bevin studied with mature, soulful mentors, committed to a daily meditative practice, and healed multi-generational wounds on the path to becoming a master teacher, coach, and writer. She studied the foundations of metaphysics through Spiritual Arts Institute, and the fine art of conscious leadership through the Center for Transformational Presence.

As a guide for empaths and sensitives who are awakening, Bevin offers online courses, books, and compassionate one-to-one mentoring. She is the founder of The Guild of Perceptive Souls, a private, online community space for sensitives and empaths to connect, collaborate, and develop mastery of their unique gifts.

Click here to visit Bevin’s website, Perceptive Souls: Guidance for Empaths & Highly Sensitive People.

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This article appears in: 2019 Catalyst, Issue 9: Evolutionary Empath Summit