Empaths Are a Sacred Mirror

By Bevin Niemann

Have you ever wondered…

Why do I have to sense all the energy around me?
Why do I have to feel everything so deeply?
Why do I have to be so aware of every horrific event that’s happening on our planet?

Do you often think…

It would be so much easier not to know!
Can’t I go back and take the blue pill?
If I wasn’t an empath, wouldn’t life be so much easier?

In revisiting the classic sci-fi movie, The Matrix, I was struck by the parallels between the spiritual awakening and maturation of the main character, Neo, and the journey of an empath.

Early on in your journey, you know there’s something more, yet you just can’t put your finger on it. And trying to fit in with many of our current societal structures no longer matches who you are. So you keep asking questions, wondering about your unusual experiences, the things you know and sense without a logical explanation.

At some point, perhaps you meet a Morpheus, inviting those that sleep into a state of awakening. Maybe it’s a relationship, career, family, or health situation that shakes you up and invites you to evolve. A quantum leap into a new dimension of awareness and understanding.

You wake up and unplug.

You now sense the world, and what’s beyond our physical reality, in a whole new light. It’s gritty at first, but also exciting to lift the veil. You enter the dojo and train to maximize your empathic and intuitive gifts.

Training Round 1: Establish your boundaries and activate your inner warrior

Round 2: Navigate our world and its mixed energies, without losing yourself

Round 3: Get crystal clear about who you are and why you are here

Round 4: Seek out and commune with like-minded souls

Round 5: Share a common vision for the future of humanity

Round 6: Slow down, practice transcendence

Round 7: Expand your gifts to make a difference in our world


As an empath, you chose to arrive exactly when our future rests at a crucial crossroads.

You came here to be a sacred mirror...

To bring to light that which has been buried underneath for so long, and create space for new potential. This is perhaps the most challenging assignment you’ve ever faced.

You wonder if you have what it takes. It’s normal to wish that what you know would go away… to isolate, to numb, to try to live a “normal” life…

Yet, an empath’s core nature is to reflect...

Not absorb, reflect...

To be present to humanity’s transition, in all its messiness and glory. To hold sacred space, to facilitate healing, growth, and positive change.

We can do this; we will reach the next plateau. It is our nature to evolve as humans and spiritual beings. You are one of many waking up across our planet who came here for this purpose.

My fellow empaths, we are a global network of love, empathy, and compassion. We are strong, united and focused.

Together we will co-create a world of peace — where every life is valued, and where our planet, our sacred home is honored and protected.

Bevin Niemann has been tuned-in (highly sensitive, empathic, and intuitive) since childhood. For two decades, she shut off her gifts to chase the expectations of mainstream culture — college, marriage, house with a white picket fence — yet nothing went quite as planned because she just doesn’t fit that mold.

After a dramatic spiritual re-awakening, Bevin studied with mature, soulful mentors, committed to a daily meditative practice, and healed multi-generational wounds on the path to becoming a master teacher, coach, and writer. She studied the foundations of metaphysics through Spiritual Arts Institute, and the fine art of conscious leadership through the Center for Transformational Presence.

As a guide for empaths and sensitives who are awakening, Bevin offers online courses, books, and compassionate one-to-one mentoring. She is the founder of The Guild of Perceptive Souls, a private, online community space for sensitives and empaths to connect, collaborate, and develop mastery of their unique gifts.

Click here to visit Bevin’s website, Perceptive Souls: Guidance for Empaths & Highly Sensitive People.

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This article appears in: 2019 Catalyst, Issue 9: Evolutionary Empath Summit