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PureBioenergy and Autism — A Light at the End of the Tunnel

By Zoran Hochstätter

Autism is the fastest-growing developmental disability in the United States and autism-related costs average $60,000 a year per family. There is no known cure for Autism.

Parents of children with autism are constantly on the lookout for a gentle and safe approach that will help their child improve speech, cognitive abilities and overall health. Just hearing their child say a few more words or make a sentence, give a hug, or look into their eyes can be a very big deal for many moms and dads.

This is the journey of a mother and her son who after months of searching for yet another therapy discovered PureBioenergy® — a non-medical skill using bioenergy that has shown to improve symptoms and increase overall wellness in children in the autism spectrum.

She took the leap and booked a distance session of PureBioenergy and her now four-year-old son went from saying 5-8 words to 60 words a day, in three treatments.* His digestion and overall mood and general happiness, behavior, cognition communication, and family dynamics have greatly improved as well.

The Journey begins

My 3 ½-year-old son Sam was diagnosed with nonverbal autism when he turned two. Sam rarely engages, doesn’t interact with or responds to people, makes little eye contact and displays very little affection. He says no more than 5-8 words. He is also very anxious and gets upset easily, gets frustrated and has outbursts of anger and frequent tantrums/melt-downs. Since his diagnosis, we’ve tried many different approaches, some of which have helped, and some haven’t. Generally speaking, he had experienced slow progress — very slow sometimes. I often thought, “How can I get into his brain to make him speak?” At the root of all of his challenges, my main concern was his inability to speak/communicate. After spending months searching for a different approach that could give him a boost, I discovered PureBioenergy, and in November, after speaking by phone with Elizabeth, decided to work with her for a distance treatment for my son.

First treatment — 15 words a day, affection and improved dynamics of the entire family

On the third day during the middle of his session (a full treatment is around 30 minutes each day for 4 consecutive days) Sam came and sat down next to me and showed me affection! While I didn’t see any major changes in his speech during those four days, I did notice that he replied to a question, which he rarely ever does, and he was looking more into my eyes.

Generally, I saw his health and his mood improve and he had fewer tantrums.

Then, the day right after his treatment ended, he said 15 words!

The day after that, Sam called out ‘Mommy’ to get my attention to show me what he was doing — this has never happened before.

Within the next two weeks, he began saying 15 words a day consistently. This was more progress than we’d seen so far.

Not only was I seeing this improvement in his speech, but I was also seeing a big shift in my son’s mood, attitude, and general happiness.

Not only did this treatment improve Sam's mood, it improved the dynamic of our entire family. We all felt uplifted by these positive changes.

Second Treatment — Digestion improves and his ABA and speech therapists and teachers are amazed

I decided to do a second treatment the following month for Sam and that week he had his biggest jump. When we began this treatment Sam was having irregular bowel movements in his diaper, I mentioned this to Elizabeth and she added a protocol in his treatment to address this. On the second day, in the middle of his treatment session, he got up, ran and sat on the toilet to poop - he had never used the toilet before. He became regular and on the third day, he had super high energy.

Also I received wonderful feedback from two of his ABA and speech therapists and teachers. His PRT therapist was very impressed with his words coming out easier. It was his best class so far, and they all continued to be amazed at how consistently he’s had so many good days in a row. He was following instructions, behaving well, very compliant and very active.

On day four after his treatment, Sam asked, “What do you want?” to one of his therapists for the first time. Also a first, Sam said two sentences in that week, prior to that he’d said less than five sentences over the entire year. When I mentioned Daddy to him in conversation that week, he said, “Daddy is Michael” — he had never stated the name of his father before.

The biggest milestone is that every day is a good day, that was not the case before treatment. It would be so up and down. After two months and two full distance treatments, Sam says over 40 words a day. He’s also saying hello and goodbye meaningfully to people coming and going. Every day I get good feedback from caregivers.

During these two months we were doing nothing different than what we had been doing in terms of therapy. All that we’ve changed is adding PureBioenergy treatments.

Third Treatment — 60 words a day and 6 sentences PER DAY!

We did a third distance treatment in January, and at home that week Sam would deliberately knock something over or make a mess, act naughty on purpose, and then laugh like he’s done something funny. He’s demonstrating awareness that he knows it’s wrong and thinks it’s funny, which is completely new for him. That same week his teacher said, ‘He's having an explosion with words and comprehension. So whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.’

After three months and three treatments, Sam is now up to 60 words a day and 6 sentences PER DAY! He can now say ‘Give me lollipop’, "Open Door Please", "Mommy Go", "Read Bed Time Story”, etc. He also imitates and repeats back to us almost everything we ask him now. For us this is such a huge milestone, we can’t believe it!

PureBioenergy and Sam are leading the way

My son has obviously been receiving a lot of work in the background with therapies and conventional treatments, and that combination has helped him tremendously. However, it wasn’t until we added the PureBioenergy treatments where we began to see the big improvement in his overall mood and general happiness, behavior, energy level, cognition and communication! Now I see my son connect better with his surroundings, am seeing measurable improvement in all areas of speech, awareness, comprehension, interaction, singing, etc.

He's the only one from all his peers at the special needs class (6 boys) who is improving this much with speech and behavior.

Skeptical husband is now a believer

Even my husband who is extremely skeptical is now a believer in PureBioenergy! We are both still in disbelief that he has made such a massive jump, and we’re so proud of him.

We’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and although we still have a lot of work ahead of us, this is the best he’s ever been and he is now making more steady progress than ever.

PureBioenergy helps Mom also

We are continuing monthly treatments with Elizabeth for Sam, and every day we see more and more improvements. Finally, I also want to add that after seeing Sam's dramatic improvement, I asked Elizabeth if she could help me with my anxiety as well. Moms with special needs children are at higher risk of anxiety and depression and I had been experiencing both. Once again, she helped me to feel more down to earth, hopeful about our future and more relaxed at home. I have also come a long way from where I was back in November.

I wish that my friends and any family with a child with moderate-severe autism would consider trying PureBioenergy. I'm so grateful that I found Elizabeth, she has been the most caring, encouraging and mindful person I have worked with since my son was diagnosed. This experience has given me a lot of confidence that my son can become functional in this society. Thank you Elizabeth and thank you PureBioenergy for opening this door to us."

*This is an actual and verifiable testimonial from a real client of certified PureBioenergy therapist Elizabeth Bell. The names have been changed for medical privacy. This testimonial was written over a period of 3 months in which Sam received three treatments, once per month. One PureBioenergy treatment consists of four 30-minute sessions that take place over four consecutive days. Sessions may be experienced in person or from a distance. Elizabeth treated Sam with distance treatments only and has never met Sam, his mother, or his family in person. Elizabeth learned PureBioenergy from Zoran Hochstätter, the founder and teacher.

Zoran Hochstätter is known as an expert, author, speaker, filmmaker, and innovator in Biofield therapy and is the key educator behind PureBioenergy Training. His passion, integrity and straightforward, no-nonsense approach to teaching and healing with PureBioenergy therapy makes this method accessible to everyone, regardless of background, experience, or history as a healer. However, his greatest joy is teaching parents to help their ill children thrive. Along with having taught thousands of students in the U.S, Canada, UK ,and New Zealand, Zoran’s other mission is bringing the unique concept of PureBioenergy Pop-Up Healing Events to local communities.

Zoran has been personally documenting the effects of Bioenergy healing for over a decade — beginning in 2004 when he co-produced the first documentary about the effects of bioenergy therapy on health, Think About It, which is still considered groundbreaking today. Since then, Zoran has organized the “Bioenergy Life Project” in Los Angeles, New York, and Sarasota, Florida to document the successful results of Bioenergy healing on clients with a variety of deemed “incurable” health issues, concentrating on MS, Parkinson’s, and stroke victims.

His recent book, Every Healing has a Story, is another documentation of how PureBioenergy, as an innovated biofield therapy, is a real option for sustainable, safe, inexpensive, and highly effective natural healthcare.

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This article appears in: 2019 Catalyst, Issue 8: Energy Medicine & Healing Summit