A Personal Video Invitation to the April 22-26 Energy Medicine & Healing Summit From Your Host, Dondi Dahlin



Our third annual Energy Medicine & Healing Summit, hosted by energy medicine consultant and bestselling author Dondi Dahlin, takes place April 22–26.

This FREE summit features a global gathering of visionary speakers who will bring to light the curative and evolutionary powers of proven energy practices — to create vibrant health for yourself, your family, and your clients!

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Hello, I'm Dondi Dahlin, and I am the host of the third annual Energy Medicine & Healing Summit. This is such a phenomenal summit. We have 38 speakers, experts in the field of energy medicine who are going to be teaching you how to be empowered with more vitality, joy, and health.

One thing that's different this year is it's video. So you get to watch the speakers, watch these experts with their sage advice, and their exercises, and their techniques that you can use to bring more health into your life. What would that be like if you had healing in your own hands to be able to help yourself if you had a stomachache, or a headache, or lower back pain, or to help a loved one, maybe your spouse or your kids, with anxiety or fear or stress. That's what you will be learning in this summit.

And if you have been in the field of energy medicine, you're going to be tickled at the A-list speakers that we have. And if you're new to energy medicine, you'll want to get out your notebook because there's going to be so much information. And in fact, I have a list here of some of the speakers we have this year and their topics. And I just want to tell you about some of them because these are such phenomenal people that I want you to learn from.

Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Dawson Church... they're all speaking about DNA and how your thoughts create your destiny. And they'll touch on epigenetics for you as well. We have David Feinstein and Kris Ferraro both talking about tapping, which you might know as EFT or energy psychology. Wendy De Rosa, Anodea Judith, Titanya Dahlin, all exploring the chakras, but in many different ways. Titanya Dahlin talks about the chakras for children. Of course, my mom, Donna Eden, she's going to be talking about an energy system that is less well-known and that's called the Assemblage Point... the Assemblage Point is like your own personal North Star. We have Heather Dane. Heather Dane is from the Haudenosaunee Tribe, otherwise known as Iroquois, and she'll be telling you how to become a hollow bone. This is a Native American ceremony based on the chakras. Again, we have Sue Morter, Holly Tse, Lissa Coffey, Christopher Miles, Robert Peng... and Daisy Lee will be talking about Qigong.

So what I want you to know and remember — if you already know, I want to remind you — that we're all individual. What might work for one person is different than someone else. Your neighbor might love reiki. You might love Eden Energy Medicine. Your kids might love aromatherapy. We have a little bit of everything for you in this summit because we are all individuals and we want you to find the modality that's right for you to be empowered with wellness.

So we hope you join this summit. I want you to join me in this summit. And I'm going to leave you with something that my mom always says. She says that healing, health, joy, happiness, these are your birthrights. These are your birthrights. So join us in this summit. Learn about health and healing and how you can have it in your own hands. And how you can be empowered for more wellness, more joy, more happiness, more vitality... and as you age, you'll feel better and better. Join us for this summit and I will see you there.

Dondi Dahlin is an author, award-winning public speaker, and internationally-acclaimed dancer, actress, and teacher. She co-wrote The Little Book of Energy Medicine with her mother, Donna Eden. Dondi's second book, The Five Elements, was released in September 2016 and became an international bestseller. You can take a free quiz here to discover your element, which helps to make up your personality type.

Dondi travels with her mom spreading the principles of Eden Energy Medicine and teaching the Five Elements through international workshops. She is a sought-after speaker and MC for conventions and conferences and has been teaching the Five Elements at the OMEGA Institute in New York for over 15 years with her sister, Titanya Dahlin.


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This article appears in: 2019 Catalyst, Issue 7: Energy Medicine & Healing Summit