A Personal Invitation to the November 13-16 Dreamwork Summit From Your Host, Susan Audrey


Our first-ever Dreamwork Summit, hosted by Susan Audrey, M.A., a dreamwork guide and writer, takes place November 13-16.

This FREE summit features a global gathering of visionary speakers who will illuminate the healing and transformative powers of your dreams and how to bring their soul-guided wisdom into your everyday life through a variety of modalities.

These highly esteemed teachers offer exciting new practices and insights for turning to your dreams and imagination for guidance, healing, and inspiration. To register, click here.

Hi. I'm Susan Audrey, your host for The Shift Network's first ever Dreamwork Summit, a free 4-day online event from November 13 through 16. Dreamwork is actually soul work. At night when we're asleep, our waking egoic mind takes a back seat, and our soul, or some say psyche, is allowed to come forward and brings us these beautiful soul poems, these messages, that tell us more about ourselves in the form of symbols, images, landscapes, and feelings. When we use these images, these clues from our soul to find out more about our life, that's called dreamwork. There are many, many different approaches to dreamwork, which you're going to learn during the summit, and I do hope you'll join us.

One thing that is so interesting about dreamwork that I just love that brings the magic to it is that when you start to look to your dreams for guidance and wisdom and healing, you start to have dreams quite often that are precognitive. You'll see the future a little bit, and when that happens you'll have the opportunity to see the symbols and images and landscapes that were in your dreams show up the very next day or later in your waking life. That's when it all really starts to feel so real. You realize that your higher self is bringing you that information at night and it's showing you during the day, giving you validation that yes, this is important, and yes, it crosses over. The veil is thin and you can straddle both worlds. It's just absolutely fascinating once you start to really drop into it.

You can also use your dreams to find out so many things about yourself. You can find out what parts of you, the shadow sides, that want to come out. Perhaps your playful, creative child self needs to come out so that your life can be more creative and fulfilling. Or perhaps you have a shadow side that you struggle with and by looking at it through your dreamwork, you realize that you need to tone that down and it might be of help to you in your relationships. You can also discover through your dreams information about your health. You can actually detect an illness in your body through your dream before it’s even diagnosed. I mean, the list just goes on and on and it's so exciting.

Over the four days of the summit, you're going to meet over two dozen experts in dreamwork. Jungian analysts, inspiring authors, other psychology professionals, healing practitioners from around the globe. You're going to meet Robert Moss, who is a bestselling author and a dreamwork expert, and he's going to share with you about how when you're asleep at night your beloveds who have passed can come and visit you in your dreams and there's still opportunity even though they're on the other side, for closure and forgiveness and healing.

You're also going to meet internationally renowned journalist Lynne McTaggart, who wrote a book called The Power of Eight, and she's going to share with you about intention and how small groups of people with focused intent can bring healing to another, even to a part of a city, and how in doing so, you yourself when you participate in healing another, also gains healing.

You're going to meet Jean Shinoda Bolen, a Jungian analyst and the bestselling author of many books. You probably know her for the book, Goddesses In Everywoman. She's going to talk about her 50-year practice as a Jungian analyst and how she's helped people work with their dreams to gain further ground on their path to individuation.

You're also going to meet Shamanic teacher Sandra Ingerman, who's going to let you know that dreaming in shamanism is quite different, but there are also some similarities with your nighttime dreams — and shamanism is a beautiful path to awakening as well. She'll tell you all about that.

You're also going to meet Dean Radin, a scientist who does research on psychic phenomenon and real magic. In fact, his newest book is called Real Magic, and he's going to show you and tell you how dreams can weave magic into your life.

You'll also meet Lorna Byrne. She's an Irish author and spiritual teacher who has an amazing gift. Since she was a baby, she has been able to see angels the way you and I see other people, and she's going to share with you her fascinating life and stories — and also guide you in a guided imagery that will allow you to connect with your own guardian angel.

You're going to hear from Tina Stromsted, a Jungian analyst who teaches a somatic approach to dreamwork called dream dancing — and it's just fascinating how allowing the dream to drop into your body can be really helpful in bringing its benefits and teachings forward.

You'll also learn what to do about nightmares and you'll learn about active dreaming, a practice developed by Robert Moss that allows you to dream while you're awake. You'll learn about lucid dreaming and so much more. I mean, there's just... I could go on and on and on, and what's really lovely about these sessions is that when people share about their dreams, they're also sharing a bit about their soul.

So this summit is going to not only leave you with practical insights and tools, but you're also going to feel a real deep connection with these experts, and you're going to feel touched and nourished and greatly inspired. So I do hope you'll join us. Again, that's the Dreamwork Summit and it's free, November 13 through 16.

Susan Audrey is a dreamwork practitioner and guide, writer, and artist whose precognitive dreams — and miraculous connection with the sacred feminine archetype of the Black Madonna — have made her a true believer in the power of dreaming to connect us with something greater than ourselves, deepen our trust in life, and grow our sense of belonging.

Susan holds a master’s degree in Depth Psychology, is also trained in therapeutic guided imagery, and is a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.

Click here to visit Susan’s blog, “The Night is Jung: Journeys Into Our Dreamscapes.”



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This article appears in: 2018 Catalyst, Issue 22: Dreamwork Summit