Soul Evolution: Clear Past Life Karma and Live Your Life Purpose

By Linda Backman

Just as a baby needs to eat, sleep and be held, you as a soul have an innate impetus to reach higher levels of spiritual learning. Advanced souls residing in the celestial realm are your “classroom teachers” as you begin the equivalent of pre-school-level training to prepare your soul for incarnation. Think about the critical job of a parent who initially cares for every need of the newborn and toddler.

By approximately age five, the child is ready to take that first step toward independence by beginning school. Coming into body and moving through life on Earth comprise your dense and challenging “laboratory of learning” in terms of soul evolution. After your newborn and toddler education in the celestial realm, you are sufficiently prepared as a soul to begin the Earth school of evolution from one lifetime to the next.

The elements of incarnational learning include relationships, health and loss, to mention a few common areas. Take a moment to think about and examine their impact on your life. What experiences have challenged you yet been the most effective teaching tools? Embrace the seemingly problematic issues in your life as divinely inspired opportunities to broaden and expand your learning. How you deal with the not-so-easy circumstances in life often correlates with the number of rungs you climb up the proverbial ladder of soul evolution and the speed with which you do it.

You incarnate to advance both your individual wisdom and the collective wisdom. Moving through your lifetimes from denser to greater light, you advance from incarnations primarily centered on your own soul progress to lives that serve the progress of humanity. The knowledge that you achieve through each lifetime benefits not only you as an individual soul; your trials and tribulations also enhance the greater whole of humanity and the universe. Your intrinsic reason for incarnating gradually becomes easier and easier to discern. You discover that you are here to be of service. Eventually, you reach a level of development where you serve as a teacher or guide for other souls. This is sometimes referred to as “Ascension.”

Please remember that there is nothing better or worse about your current degree of soul evolution. You are where you are on the path, be it the equivalent of grade 2, grade 12, or approaching graduate school. Life on Earth is the challenge you must face to learn how to function from the soul level and higher awareness. It is the crucible in which you learn to overcome the soul-deadening grip of human fear and worry, and to trust instead that you are always loved and supported from the higher realm. Each ingredient of your life, no matter simple or complex, serves as a prospect for progress leading you ever higher.

So no matter what choices you make in life, all is well because you are repeatedly given a further opportunity to learn. Each life event is a course in your earthly classroom that is set in motion by the soul agreements you’ve put in place. Your awareness of “why you are here now” will expand when you accept that what needs to happen simply happens. Or to put it in a slightly different way, when you accept that events and people in your life are put in place to enhance the evolution of your soul and that of others, then you know that such life lessons stem from the wisdom of your soul and your guides' prodding.

Every lifetime has a soul-designed curriculum for enhancing and expanding your soul awareness and capability. Certain past lives result in your free-will missteps that leave you with karma. Other past lives are ones of accomplishing your soul intentions, bringing about dharma. When you accept that all experiences in life serve the purpose of moving to a higher “grade” in the school of soul development, life becomes manageable. All the events in your life offer you the window to know who you are, why you are here, and how you can continue to advance as a soul. Benevolent spiritual guidance is available to you always to support your onward journey. The very best advice I can offer is to trust and accept fear as a signal that you are facing an opening to grow.

Our planet, our world culture, is in crisis. Every single day we learn of natural disasters, wasteful exploitation of natural resources, judgment of lifestyle or religious choices, economic downturn, partisan politics, and civil war to gain equality. Is this how we hold mutual respect to reach the acceptance that all peoples of the world are the same at the core soul level?

Soul mending leads to evolution. You are a soul living one life to the next to mend negative past-life experiences and gain higher wisdom as an individual and as a collective of divine soul energy. Each day in the life you now live presents opportunities to balance karma or embrace dharma. Each night, your dreamtime will offer a window into new behaviors and attitudes you can adopt to enhance your soul evolution and that of humanity. Without soul mending, the higher awareness of unity, where each of us is equal in value, is unattainable.

The ego, as a collection of our past experiences, is continually offering miserable lines of thought. It’s as if there were a stream with little fish swimming by, and when we hook one of them there is a judgment. The ego is constantly judging everybody and everything. It has its constant little chitchat about things that can happen in the future, things about the past, too, and these are the little fish that swim by. And what we learn to do — this is why it takes work — is to not reach out and grab a fish.
— Hugh Prather

Ego, or the mentality that “I vs. we” is my modus operandi in life, will lead our world down the path to destruction, ripping asunder the tightly woven fabric of all peoples. Each of our incarnations is designed to afford us the opportunity to evolve to a higher perspective, as an individual and as a collective.

Dr. Linda Backman, a licensed psychologist, has been in private practice for over 30 years. She conducts individual regression sessions, training in past-life and between-lives regression, and workshops about soul purpose/progression, spirit guides and moving through grief with spiritual understanding. Click here to visit Linda’s website, The Ravenheart Center.

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This article appears in: 2017 Catalyst, Issue 9: Dreams