Through God's Eyes

By Phil Bolsta

I love writing for The Shift Network! It’s exciting, fulfilling work and I can’t believe my good fortune in being a part of this amazing team.

When I attended the annual three-day Shift team retreat in Petaluma last March, I had been working part-time from afar (I live in SoCal and Shift is headquartered in NoCal) and wasn’t that familiar with the company yet.

Over the course of three days, I grew more and more impressed as I witnessed firsthand the pure intention and passion for this work that every team member possessed. Plus, everyone was super friendly, extremely competent and eager to help each other. That was a year ago and it’s only gotten better. So in case you’re wondering, yes, Shift team members really are as wonderful as you hoped they would be!

I’m blessed that I’ve been able to write professionally for over 25 years. I’m especially grateful to have published my book, Through God’s Eyes: Finding Peace and Purpose in a Troubled World. It’s my life’s work and it’s very rewarding to hear from so many readers that it’s helped them live more peaceful, beautiful lives.

Why did I write it? When I first became interested in spirituality, I went looking for a book that laid out all the spiritual principles I was learning in a logical, organized and engaging way. I assumed there had to be at least one book that explained how all of these principles interact, how to weave them together into a cohesive worldview, and how to practically apply this spiritual wisdom to daily life.

Alas, I couldn’t find such a book. I remember thinking, Well, I guess I have to write it myself someday. I was determined that all that knowledge and all that wisdom should be gathered together in one easy-to-follow book so others wouldn’t have to go on a giant spiritual scavenger hunt and piece it all together on their own like I had to.

After all, if I was searching for such a book, surely other like-minded souls were too. I felt I was well suited to the task. As a writer, I specialize in bringing clarity and order to complex subject matter—and spirituality is as complex as it gets. Above all, this subject touched my heart and called to me like no other.

As I walked my path and began connecting the dots, I saw an age-old framework forming that was as elegant as it was beautiful—everything fit together, flowed together, and sang together in pure harmony.

Eventually, after years of research and study, I felt capable of interpreting and articulating this worldview, which for thousands of years has been enlightening spiritual seekers about the meaning and purpose of life and the vastness of human potential.

Some people have suggested that it’s arrogant for someone to assume that they can learn to see through God’s eyes. Actually, just the opposite is true; it is the path to humility. By challenging yourself to look through God’s eyes to the extent that you can, you will gain a broader, big-picture perspective, move from self-absorption to self-awareness, and be humbled and awed by the beauty and magnificence of life.

If I had to sum up the core teaching of the ancient wisdom presented in the pages of Through God’s Eyes, it would be this:

With love and devotion, align your will with Divine Will and be a source of love, hope, and healing energy to all who cross your path.

It is my greatest hope that learning to see the world through God’s eyes inspires readers to break free from the prison of human perception, welcome peace, love, and joy as the dearest of friends, and become a more positive and powerful force for good in the world.

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Wild blessings!


Phil Bolsta is a writer and author whose primary goal in life is to be the best dad he can possibly be to his amazing daughter. He lives in Encinitas, half an hour north of San Diego, and is a member of Self-Realization Fellowship, founded by Paramahansa Yogananda.

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This article appears in: 2017 Catalyst, Issue 5: Transforming Aging