Wisdom and Compassion

By Rita Canning

It is such a joy to see so many people in this country and around the world step out of their own personal concerns and embrace a higher cause of working for world peace and awakening. This is happening in many manifestations with different languaging but we can all feel the similarity and unity in sincerity of heart. Having worked for both world peace and enlightenment for decades, I’ve seen the great successes that prayer, positive intention, and energy and sound healing such as “OMing” and can bring about. OM is the fundamental, underlying frequency inherent in all the frequencies of the Universe. When it is chanted with focus and intention, i.e. for World Peace, it resonates that Peace throughout the world. With so much change and intensity in the world at this time, OMing and prayer are so essential right now.

As with all things in life, successes are usually accompanied by challenges and tests. If we are not paying close enough attention or traveling through uncharted waters, these tests can become traps. Over many years and through many experiences in sharing and teaching, I’ve learned some of the traps that can happen when one steps up to share with or teach others, whether casually or in a more formal setting.

In addition to the desire and sincerity to help bring about peace it can be easy to get lost in focusing on one particular aspect. One major example that I’ve seen is compassion. Over the years of counseling and through many personal life experiences I’ve seen how important it is to combine this all-important quality with wisdom.

Most of us develop the sense of wanting to help others and the world through our love and caring. This is what compassion is all about. It emanates from the heart. But compassion alone can cause us to make decisions sometimes that may not be in the best interest of the individual or for the Higher Good. We have to learn to also look at every situation with wisdom and conscious discernment. Suppose there is a group that you feel drawn to or an individual that you feel, in your compassion, you can help with your gifts. If you don’t take the time to look deeper into the situation, you may be seeing only part of what is needed.

I remember many years ago a time where I was convinced that through my deep love and appreciation for someone’s gifts I was counseling, that this person was ready to take on a major service project that had the potential to positively impact hundreds, if not thousands of people. We were both excited about the project because it had so much goodness in it. Unfortunately, I didn’t take the time to really step outside of my compassion for my client’s desire to do this and look deeply at the wisdom of the timing of the project. Because this was not the right timing, for various reasons, the project failed. My client bounced back and went on to serve in great ways, but it took some work. This touched me deeply because my desire was only to serve my client. From this I realized that bringing compassion and wisdom together was so important in fulfilling that desire to serve in the Highest ways possible, for the Highest Good.

The heart chakra or center is the seat of compassion. The third eye chakra (between your eyebrows) is the seat of wisdom. That wisdom is the same as having clear inner guidance, the ability to see from a place that isn’t influenced by limited perspectives or conditioning. When we bring true clarity and compassion together it is a beautiful and powerful offering that can really facilitate transformation.

Here is one simple way to develop and open up your clear inner guidance, your wisdom:

Sit comfortably in a place where you won’t be disturbed. Take a deep breath and, exhaling, relax deeply. Take another deep breath, exhale and relax. Do this another two or three times. Focus on your breath, follow it in and out. Consciously let go of whatever you were doing and what you have to do later. Gently bring yourself into the present. At that point, call upon your inner guides, Angels, Masters or Higher Self, whatever your path. As you call to them, let yourself feel their presence. When you feel them really with you, put your question or idea to them and then let go and see what comes in. You can then write down what you have received. Then you merge that wisdom with your compassion and take appropriate action.

This is only one of many methods that you can try. The important thing to remember is that every situation or individual is unique. We have to be willing to look deeply with our compassion and clarity. If we are subtly, or not so subtly, guided only with our emotions or concepts we will not be able to deliver the level of service that I know we all truly want to offer.

Rita Canning is a spiritual guide, intuitive, and Prayer For Peace Advocate who is passionate about her commitment to helping to bring about personal and planetary transformation.

For over 35 years, Rita has been helping private clients nationwide to experience greater clarity and insight, fulfillment, personal transformation and awakening. Rita has been leading and inspiring others to pray and OM for World Peace, individually or in group circles (including the staff at Shift Network) and leads uplifting spiritual workshops and retreats. She has been published in various e-newsletters and interviewed on the America Meditating Radio program by Sister Jenna, out of Washington, D.C.

Her work reflects her belief in the basic Oneness and truth of all paths. As a counselor and guide, Rita’s work is oriented to the unique needs of the individual. In doing so, she uses intuitive readings, meditation, prayer, channeling, counseling, and healing and energizing techniques. Her work is integrated and practical, offering methods for problem solving and renewing clarity.

Please go to her website for more information www.ritacanning.com. To can contact Rita by email, click here.


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This article appears in: 2016 Catalyst, Issue 12: Peace, Compassion & Healing