World Peace: One Mantra at a Time with Deva Premal and Miten

Deva Premal is being featured in the Summer of Peace today, July 21st - World Peace: One Mantra at a Time.   She will be talking about mantra as a path to deep inner peace. (The recording will be available free on the Summer of Peace website – click here.)

Here is more about Deva Premal and her partner Miten – an excerpt from an article published by BrightStar Event, a partner of the Summer of Peace.

The Story of Deva & Miten...
Deva Premal and Miten began their journey into love and music in 1990 when they met while studying meditation at the Osho ashram in India. Since then, their international concerts and best-selling albums have introduced the power of ancient Sanskrit mantras to millions.
“Mantras are powerful energetic sound formulas.” Miten says. “... and music is a fierce teacher. Between the two, Deva and I have discovered a place where meditation and celebration meet. This journey is our inspiration, and it was Osho's basic teaching to us and indeed, to all his devotees."
In recent years, the practice of chanting Sanskrit mantras, once virtually unknown in the West, has accompanied yoga into the Western mainstream, with huge audiences embracing chant as an effortless path to ease stress and relax tension.
“Sanskrit is an energy-based language — not descriptive, as are our day-to-day languages. It expresses the actual energetic property of its subject. To me, this is the obvious reason why so many people resonate with the mantras, wherever they live, whether in Russia, USA, Japan or even in prisons, where we also play. We have sung and chanted in so many different environments, in so many countries and to so many different cultures, and it is always the same response: bliss, inner peace and a sense of oneness!" says Deva.
Deva Premal was born in Germany to a classical musician mother and an artist father who chanted the sacred Gayatri mantra at her birth. The echo of this loving act carried her through childhood, where she continued to chant the Gayatri daily. At age 11 she became a disciple of the controversial Indian mystic Osho and just after her 20th birthday she met Miten, who was coordinating the evening meditation music in the ashram in Pune.
Miten was born in London and spent his formative years as a musician in the UK rock scene, creating music with The Kinks and touring with Fleetwood Mac, Ry Cooder and others, before leaving the rock world in search of a more meaningful life. His quest took him to India and ultimately to the feet of his Guru Osho, where he immersed himself in meditation practice.
The two eventually became friends and lovers, and have now travelled the world for the past 22 years, sharing their music and their love of mantra, music, meditation and celebration. "Osho encouraged us to explore life in all its many colours, and so we did!" Deva imparts. "Miten and I have never had a dull moment!"
“Mantras opened my eyes at a very early age to a peaceful yet vibrant state of mind,” Deva recalls. “Miten and I find ourselves privileged to be able to travel the planet sharing them with so many people. What is not so widely known, is that mantras are scientifically designed — or you could say ‘channeled’ — by the wise souls of ancient India, to raise our consciousness and elevate our perception of life, and my experience has confirmed the truth of this!”
When performing live, Deva and Miten offer a simple invitation to travel together through life’s meandering challenges and adventures, accompanied by the beautiful and healing power of mantra. They’re excited to take the same familiar and friendly approach with participants of the Meditation Journey.
Deva and Miten will be performing live in the United States Sept. 10 – Nov. 5, 2013 – MantraFest on Tour 2013.  To learn more about their live performances, click here.

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This article appears in: 2013 Catalyst - Issue 12