The Annual Global Silent Minute

December 21, 2020 at 9:00pm GMT
By Wendy J. Thompson, Co-Founder of the Global Silent Minute

Join millions in the annual Global Silent Minute on December 21, 2020 at 9:00pm GMT.* You can participate wherever you are by simply ringing a bell and entering one minute of silence. Or, join the Chalice of Silence Facebook Live Event from 8:45pm to 9:15pm GMT, which will also be broadcast on the Global Silent Minute website.

Last year, millions around the world — and across the veil — participated in one Global Silent Minute — the exact same minute everywhere. Throughout 2020, the Global Silent Minute has become a daily practice. The annual Global Silent Minute will celebrate Humanity’s widespread engagement with the power of silence to bring about global cooperation, peace, and freedom.

The inspiration for the Silent Minute was born on a battlefield near Jerusalem in World War I. An officer who was a seer knew he would not survive the war and could see an even greater war coming. He asked his comrade to find a way for him — and the millions like him on the “other side” — to assist through lending a moment each day in silence. He said, “The power of silence is greater than you know.” He died on the battlefield the next day.

That way became the Big Ben Silent Minute, which was launched in World War II. Its daily rhythmic impact was acknowledged as significant in assisting to end the war and in demonstrating the awesome power of silence as a spiritual weapon.

Today, conscious participation in the daily rhythm of the Global Silent Minute brings together hearts across distance around the globe with the “mighty army” across the veil — to impact the myriad of “battlefields” and embed the foundation stones for the new culture of peace. 

The annual Global Silent Minute on December 21, 2020 at 9:00pm GMT occurs amidst the geocentric conjunction of Jupiter (Love) and Saturn (Light) in Aquarius. The last time this conjunction occurred was at the beginning of the Renaissance. Divine astrological choreography has orchestrated that its repetition now occurs in our lifetime and, most auspiciously, it will be at its most intimate, and hence intense, on the exact day of the annual Global Silent Minute.

Just as this Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will result in an amplification of the synthesis of their qualities, we know that two concordant thoughts increase their power sevenfold. Imagine the power of millions of concordant thoughts uniting in silence for one minute — the exact same minute everywhere — for humanity at this moment to foster global cooperation, peace, and freedom.

In preparation for the annual Global Silent Minute, seed thoughts on silence are published daily in the Facebook Group.

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*Click here to convert 9:00pm GMT on December 21, 2020 to your local time zone.


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