Physics of Mantra Divinization

By Dr. Christie Smirl

Every human is a manifestation of God. Each person has a source of divinity that emanates from within. Sound healing practices coupled with multi-faceted interdisciplinary sciences can reawaken this inner divinity. Mantras are capable of purifying the subtle and physical body as well as removing obstructions that blot out divine intelligence. Modern life and stress can disengage a persons’ inner Soul alignment. People are bombarded and conditioned by radio, television, politics, social and cultural groups, and insidious egregores. As people react, vibrational thought waves result in positive or negative shifts in a persons’ subtle anatomy, organ systems and overall vitality.   

Higher levels of health and wellness can be unlocked and obtained when we realize that we are so much more than just a brain and biochemical physical body. For thousands of years, ancient scholars and physicians from civilizations across the globe have known about mantras, the subtle energy systems and their integral importance to our existence and health. The functionality, vibrational frequency and health status of these energy centers, determines the quality and quantity of available life force and vitality. The vibrancy of the subtle energy system and chakra is largely determined by underlying physical and mental health. Everything is interconnected. Every substance consumed creates its’ own vibration that interacts with the gross and subtle body. Every thought, situation and environment generates a vibrational ripple that can be temporary or long lasting. Purification through chakra beeja mantras can align these energies and result in enhanced physical health, emotional patterns and re-divinization. Mantra praxis creates new vibrations and long-term multidimensional transformations in one’s personal life, relationships, professional life, spirituality, future generations and beyond.

By the age of 30, I was a Nurse Practitioner, Master of Science and had worked in an acute care hospital since my teens. I had heard about the whole body-mind-soul axis of wellness, but never witnessed it in the Western Medical model; nor was I taught any tools to address the “soul” or divinity of patients.  So, I went on a quest and obtained my Doctorate degree in Ayurveda, Reiki mastership and advanced yoga training. These sciences and technologies enabled me to teach a truly “wholistic” health model and offer a plethora of new tools to patients and clients.  As I dove deeper into my own Self realization, I took spiritual initiation in the Sant Mat and Aghori lineages. I experienced one common thread through all these sciences and lineages. The common thread was the healing power of mantra. Not only did I experience this phenomenon firsthand, but I also watched mantras transform patients and students.  

Divinization is often seen as a transcendence of the body, something exterior to be sought after and brought within. However, in my practice, I teach that the divinity is cultivated from within the physical body. Chakra beeja mantras serve a vibrational physician between the five sheaths, called koshas in Sanskrit. The five koshas are the gross body sheath (annamayakosha), breath body sheath (pranamayakosha), mind sheath (manomayakosha), soul intelligence (vignanamayakosha) and bliss divinity (anadamayakosha). When mantras are done correctly with deep understanding, they are capable of dissolving disharmony between the five sheaths, resulting is greater radiating of divinity from within.

Most religions and spiritual pathways incorporate mantra into their ceremonial practices. Mantra rituals facilitate a deep awareness and induce powerful states of mind. These advanced states of mind allow development of sacramental consciousness and profound states of evolution. Many spiritual traditions utilize mantras for ritual purification. However, lineages can be hard to access and mantras can be difficult to prescribe in a medical setting, due to complicity of language and religious conflicts. For this reason, I now focus more on teaching chakra beeja mantras. 

The powerful praxis of coupling chakra beeja mantras with pranayama and visualizations helps to center and stabilize the mind, balance the subtle body anatomy, and create new neurocognitive and physiological patterns. To facilitate students and patients, I recorded an album titled Chakra Activation as an educational tool and guided meditation. Then in 2020, I published a book titled Chakra Alignment: A Transformational Guide and Journal to Reclaim Control Over Your Chakras and Life. This 85-page book describes each chakra, it’s beeja mantra, yantra visualizations and how to begin the process of mantric ritual purification.

A person can simply meditatively chant the beeja mantras, but that is superficial and will only yield superficial results. A deeper knowledge of each chakra and beeja mantra facilitates more profound and longer lasting purification. For instance, the first five of the seven primary chakras are associated with the five elements: earth, water, fire, air and space. Each element has its’ own spirit nature which affects the overall health of the body and mind. During meditation, the practitioner focuses mantric vibrations to the appropriate anatomical location while visualizing the associated sacred geometry, colors and more.  This simple, yet powerful practice can be done for fifteen to thirty minutes once or twice daily. For detailed information and instructions, Chakra Alignment: A transformational guide and journal to reclaim control over your chakras and life, is available through Amazon. Personal education and certifications can be coordinated through

Dr. Christie Smirl, AyuD, NP, MS, ERYT500, believes that every person is capable of establishing a healthier alignment between mind, body and soul. With 30 years of medical and healing experience in Western science and the Eastern sciences, Christie Smirl teaches multidiscipline integrated methods that empower maximum health, conscious transformation and self-actualization. As a Doctorate of Ayurveda, Nurse Practitioner, Master of Science and Advance Yoga Teacher Trainer, she offers year round university, corporate, public and personal counseling, training and certifications in Ayurveda and yoga. Also known as Kalavati Devi or Kali Samadhi, Christie has recorded five international albums and has authored five books as part of her healing mission. Connect with Christie Smirl and access her public education library and online classes here.

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This article appears in: 2021 Catalyst, Issue 12 - Sound Healing Summit