A Personal Invitation to the August 24-28
Plant Medicine for Modern Epidemics Summit
From Your Host, David Crow



Our fifth annual Plant Medicine Summit, hosted by plant medicine pioneer David Crow, takes place August 24-28.

This FREE summit features a global gathering of Ayurvedic and integrative medicine doctors, and botany and ecology experts. Each will share their multifaceted approaches to healing and renewing the body by allying with nature.

In this timely event, you’ll discover the most comprehensive expert support on naturally dealing with this modern pandemic… as well as equip yourself with essential ways to protect your body and help it be stubbornly resistant to illness.

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Welcome. I'm David Crow, and I'm the host of the Plant Medicine Summit. This is our fifth year of doing this summit and the theme is plant medicines for modern epidemics. As you can imagine, there's a lot of very important, relevant, and timely information that will be presented by a stellar lineup of brilliant clinicians and herbalists. So I'll mention a few of these people, but before I actually tell you the details of who they are and what they're presenting, I just want to mention that there's a lot of information about the Covid-19 pandemic, and that makes perfect sense with the conditions that we are in right now. But I will also mention that there are so many other aspects of using herbal medicine for modern epidemics that are relevant to many other kinds of conditions.

So we have a number of talks on building immunity, but we also have several talks on post-viral fatigue. And these talks are relevant, not just for the circumstances that we're in right now, but for all kinds of different viral infections and infections in general. So some of the teachers that I would like to mention here, that you definitely shouldn't miss, are some of the top names in the naturopathic and the herbal community.

They include people like Chanchal Cabrera, who's giving us a very extensive overview of different plants to use to support different parts of the immune system, different functions of the immune system. People are thinking nowadays, "Oh, I just take herbs to build my immunity," But there's actually a lot of information to know about the immune system and a lot of plants do help us in different ways.

We have a second presenter going into even more depth in this particular topic, which is Dr. Jill Stansbury. We also have Dr. Pam Tarlow, who is a doctor of pharmacy, and she is sharing her experience with us of working as an interface, a bridge between herbal medicine and allopathic medicine. Because as a pharmacist, she gets a lot of questions, of course, about, “What do I do to boost my immune system?” and “How do herbs and drugs interact?” and so forth. And so, she gives us a very important overview of that.

And then we have a number of people who are talking about other epidemics. For example, Nicole Telkes is giving us a presentation on the epidemic of being distracted, and herbs that we can use to strengthen our concentration when we are spending so much time inside and being emotionally overwhelmed by what's happening with the Covid-19 pandemic.

We'll hear from Dr. John Douillard, who will be telling us some very interesting things about Ayurvedic medicine and detoxification of the brain. And we're going to be hearing from several people who are going to be addressing how to improve our immunity by working on the gut brain access. 

We have Karen Wang Diggs, giving us demonstrations of how we can do fermentation, how we can create fermented foods at home to boost our healthy microbiome. And we also have Khulan Enkhtaivan, who is telling us about the Mongolian system of medicine and how they use various kinds of herbs and dietary practices to stay healthy through the seasons.

We're also going to be hearing from speakers talking about other epidemics, such as Lyme; we're going to be hearing about rebuilding the immune system after a post-viral fatigue; we're going to be hearing about people who are using herbs and essential oils for supporting cancer patients as they're going through their treatments, and many, many other kinds of presentations. It's quite diverse. It's very interesting. These are all stellar presenters with excellent credentials, really, the top people in the entire field of botanical medicine. 

So I would just like to invite you to check it out, to join the summit, and all you have to do is register. It is free. And thank you for listening.

David Crow, LAc, is one of the world’s foremost experts and leading speakers in the field of botanical medicine and grassroots healthcare. He is a master herbalist, aromatherapist, and acupuncturist with over 30 years experience, and is an expert in the Ayurvedic and Chinese medical systems. 

David is a renowned author, a poet, and the founding director of Floracopeia Aromatic Treasures. Floracopeia was created as a way to help preserve and promote the use of botanical medicines as solutions to solving numerous interrelated global problems: lack of healthcare, poverty, environmental destruction, and loss of ethnobotanical knowledge.

David has presented his vision of grassroots healthcare, preservation of botanical medicines, and the use of plants for ecological restoration to hundreds of audiences, ranging from small private groups to conferences and lecture halls to a panel discussion with the Dalai Lama broadcast internationally to millions of viewers. Through his visionary synthesis of medicine, ecology, and spirituality, he has helped transform the lives of thousands.

In 1987, David journeyed to Nepal in search of teachings in Tibetan medicine and Buddhist meditation. For the next 10 years, he studied with many teachers. Using his newfound knowledge, Crow opened a clinic in Kathmandu and another in a small mountain village, where he treated beggars from the street as well as high abbots of monasteries. In Search of the Medicine Buddha interweaves medical teachings with insights into Tibetan Buddhism, evoking the beauty and wonder of a faraway land.


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This article appears in: 2020 Catalyst, Issue 19: Plant Medicine for Modern Epidemics Summit