Four Tips for Remembering Our Resilience and Navigating Change

By Vanessa Codorniu

We are in the midst of great change. Each and every one of us. Personal, private, deep, outspoken, euphoric, freedom-seeking change. Global, public, positively world-shaking, and consciousness-shifting change.

We know there is more to life than what we have been told. Something within no longer wants to conform to outmoded structures and ways of being. The lies and old stories abound as we dive deeply to understand what is occurring on our planet and what is unfolding in our own lives.

That which was hidden has risen, and is calling us back to our earthy roots. We are being guided to tend to our ancestral gifts and patterns and to heal part of ourselves that have been hidden as well. 

Many of us who call ourselves conscious and spiritual have known this for a long time, yet how do we face, heal, and rise during these times?

How do we integrate more of the information we have “read” and “studied” so it becomes embodied? How do we become part of the force for justice, peace, and transformation?

As many of us know, the work begins within and then moves outward. As the veil of safety and illusions has been lifted by political and economic unrest, unquestionable racism, oppression, and strife, we must go deeper to our roots and beyond.

First, know that we are the dream and the creation of thousands of ancestors that survived and have sung us into being. Their resilience and strength flows in our blood, bone, and being. We were born for this time of great change, and carry the wisdom of so many. We are more resilient than we know and are more resourceful than imagined! Know that these times are shifting all of us, even when we think we are securely on our path. 

As a Latinx bruja, psychic medium, clinical hypnotist, reiki healer/teacher, and coach I’ve been on this road for decades and am still learning.

As a young girl, I received information and felt things about people that turned out to be true. I grew up in New York City in a South American home that supported communication with Spirit, limpias, prayers, spirit guides, intuition, and dreams. As a 3rd- and 4th-generation seer and medium, my family taught me what they knew. Clearing our energy fields with eggs (limpias) and special baths (baños), as well as having an altar in the house was part of my daily life. At 16, after some powerful testing, I began to read my parents' friends as well as family members.

By 23, I was hired by a New York City talent company. While I had a corporate career, I continued to train as a priestess, shaman, energy healer, and hypnotist. For 20 years, I held healing circles in New York City and then finally moved to the online space after a fateful car accident at the end of the Mayan calendar, December 21, 2012. Holding on with no seatbelt in the back seat, my parents and I survived our jeep rolling over three times. As I unbuckled them and crawled out of the crushed and upturned jeep, I heard,” Do what you were born to do.”

I thought I had served all my life, but there was more: I was to go full-time online with courses, one-on-one sessions, and retreats — and hold space for the next generation of healers and leaders. 

For the last seven years I thought I was doing my sacred work with both English and Spanish clients and students globally... and then 2020 hit. I was called into greater visibility to hold space. And, I believe, so are you!

Spirit and the Ancestors guided me to hold more space, and hundreds showed up for ancestral healing and the remembering of energetic practices. 

These are some spiritual invitations I extend to you:

  • We are all going through this, and we are not all going through it the same way.

Some are more prepared spiritually, mentally, and/or financially. Those that have historically suffered from systemic racism are suffering the most. Anxiety, PTSD, and depression can abound during these times for all peoples. Honor yourself wherever you may be. 

The first invitation for us all is to be aware of accessibility and diversity. If you offer healing services, create scholarships for BIPOC. If you attend events and can afford it, see if you can purchase tickets for BIPOC as scholarships. Be kind, for you do not know what your neighbor is going through. 

  • Nurturing ourselves and our communities is key. 

We can no longer afford to give our power away. The promise of security and safety coming from the outside world or traditional spaces has fallen away. Tapping into our own intuitive ways of perceiving, and clearing away mindsets and inherited or learned habits is at the heart of our healing. 

We must learn to transform the layers so we may receive our knowing more clearly. We must nurture ourselves by energy practices — clearing and grounding our bodies and spirits to support any anxiety-filled responses. 

There are more trainings and practices available online than ever before — and remember that our breath, our mind, our body, and our spirit already carry much of the sacred medicine we need. 

  • Reclaim your joy and play! 

Even as confusion, loss, and grieving flows through our communities and our lives, we must live the moments of joy that life bestows upon us. 

Set up daily practices that support your energy and joy. Yes, I write "joy." I have lost three immediate family members in less than 10 months and am still grieving, yet the sun shining through the trees and my nephew’s giggle bring me joy. Find the joy in the tiniest of places and allow that to expand your capacity. Joy is contagious! 

  • Give back any way you can without draining yourself. 

Spiritual martyrdom is so 20th century. During these times, let’s fill our cups, then lend an ear, a hand, or a check — send money to organizations helping those in need or volunteer some time to support the causes you care about. Helping others will keep us connected, and open potentials to greater connection and mutual support. 

These are just a few ways to embody our knowing. Blessings and healing to you all.

Vanessa C. Codorniu is an acclaimed psychic medium with 27 years of experience and more than 10,000 individual sessions. She is a Bruja and Latinx teacher of intuition and clinical hypnosis, with a focus on healing ancestral trauma/patterns through hypnosis. A secret weapon for CEOs and entrepreneurs all around the U.S. and the Latin American world, Vanessa is most passionate about helping individuals develop their own inner resources, especially through intuition development and mindfulness tools.

Vanessa is the founder of Intuitive Leverage™, an 8-week intuition boot camp that gives structure to the invisible so participants can make their sensitivity their greatest advantage in life and business. "Nacimos Magicos Born Magical" is her 8-week course on reclaiming our intuitive gifts offered through her online space, The School of The Healing Artes

Since the start of sheltering-in-place, Vanessa has been dedicated to serving her bilingual (English and Spanish) global audience. She's hosting free Monday Night Healing Circles and has certified nearly 170 new reiki practitioners virtually (for a "pay what you can" donation) since quarantine began, empowering therapists, first responders such as nurses and EMTs, and moms and dads to have a therapeutic modality at their fingertips to support their family, friends, and clients.

This renowned Argentine-American started doing readings at age 16 after her family confirmed that she was seeing and knowing things accurately about people who were no longer with them. She guides seekers to break through fears and connect to the practical power of their intuition so they can serve the world powerfully with their gifts. She created her school to stand for diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility for underrepresented BIPOC communities, and hopes to continue supporting the next generation of leaders and healers for years to come. Listen for more on her podcast, The Biz Bruja Podcast.

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This article appears in: 2020 Catalyst, Issue 23: Beyond the Veil Summit