A Free Online Event
With Founding Pioneer of the Modern
Sound-Healing Movement, Master Teacher,
Award-Winning Author & Grammy Nominee
Jonathan Goldman

Discover humming as a powerful non-pharmaceutical prescription that helps with stress levels, sleep, and blood pressure — and can even create new neural pathways in your brain.

Receive a tuning fork healing to raise your vibrational frequency, elevate your consciousness, and promote optimal wellbeing.


You’re surrounded by sound every day... yet probably take it for granted.

You may also not be aware of the profound healing that certain vibrational frequencies can provide. Or, perhaps you are, and regularly enjoy the deeply calming, rejuvenating effects of a gong or tuning fork “sound bath” or specially composed piece of music.

Whether you’re new to the healing balm that sound provides or a frequent recipient of its many positive effects on your physical, emotional, and spiritual being, there’s always more to discover and experience.

In this special online event with the foremost pioneer in the field of harmonics, Jonathan Goldman, you’ll discover simple sound healing approaches you can do yourself that can have powerful healing effects on your entire system — one of which is humming.

Yes, humming…

If you have a voice and can speak, you can hum, and it’s one of the simplest yet most profound sounds we can make.

Jonathan’s own exploration of the science behind sound healing reveals that  self-created sounds such as humming can literally rearrange our molecular structure.

Studies show that humming not only helps with stress levels, sleep, and blood pressure but also increases lymphatic circulation and melatonin production, releases endorphins, creates new neural pathways in the brain, and releases nitric oxide, a neurotransmitter fundamental to our health.

During this highly experiential hour with Jonathan, he’ll also share the powerful vibrational medicine of tuning forks to raise your vibrational frequencies, optimize your emotional and physical wellbeing, and heighten your consciousness.

Jonathan has some fascinating insights into the varying types of tuning forks and their frequencies, including a particular electromagnetic frequency of the Earth that enhances healing and psychic abilities. 


When you join Jonathan for Sound Healing Through Humming & Tuning Forks, you’ll discover:

  • The basic principles of why sound heals
  • How to access powerful, vibrational medicine through both tuning forks and humming
  • How sound is your “hotline” to the Divine
  • Humming is a powerful psychospiritual healing tool that can elevate your frequency and shift your consciousness
  • A step-by-step process to activate heart-brain coherence and raise your own vibration and the vibration of the planet
  • The healing vibrational resonance of tuning forks through an experiential exercise to raise your vibrational frequencies and level of awareness
  • By being guided in self-created sound, through tonal humming, how to transform stress into self-empowerment

After more than 40 years as a sound-healing pioneer, Jonathan offers comprehensive wisdom about foundational practices and important emerging concepts in this highly transformative and always growing field.

He’s studied with masters of sound — both scientific and spiritual — from around the world, including the Dalai Lama’s Chanting Gyuto and Gyume Monks. He’s also been empowered by the Chant Master of the Drepung Loseling Monastery to teach Tibetan Overtone Chanting.

His self-healing methods are accessible to all. “Even if you have no musical ability,” Jonathan stresses, “we are all sound healers.”

There’s so much to discover and experience through sound healing — and if you can hum, you’ll discover during this transformative hour with Jonathan that you hold a powerful non-pharmaceutical prescription for self-healing that has only positive side effects, including better health, more happiness, and deeper spiritual awareness.


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What People Are Saying About Jonathan Goldman...

“... a significant new approach to creating harmony and balance within us...”

Chakra Frequencies provides a significant new approach to creating harmony and balance within us by using the power of sound. Blending ancient sound techniques with holistic counseling approaches, the book enables readers to experience the compassion so necessary for the evolution of our consciousness in today’s world.
— Deepak Chopra, MD, New York Times bestselling author

“... an exciting, whirlwind spiritual journey...”

Forbidden Frequencies is an exciting, whirlwind spiritual journey that I greatly recommend. Read it and get set for high adventure.
— James Twyman, New York Times bestselling author

“Beautiful! Elegant! Timely!”

Beautiful! Elegant! Timely! Whether you are a novice or an expert in vibrational science, The 7 Secrets Of Sound Healing is a must-have for every healing library and a must-read for everyone with a passion for healing and peace.
— Gregg Braden, New York Times bestselling author and 2015-2020 Templeton Prize nominee

“... a powerful non-pharmaceutical prescription for self-healing...”

I highly recommend The Humming Effect for all those impacted by the stress of the modern world. It is a powerful non-pharmaceutical prescription for self-healing that has only positive side effects, such as harmony, health, and happiness.
— Bruce H. Lipton, PhD, bestselling author of The Biology of Belief

“Jonathan and Andi Goldman are pioneers in the healing use of sound...”

At the heart of health and healing is your body’s energies. At the heart of your body’s energies is vibration. The Humming Effect teaches you how to use your capacity to hum to create vibrations that promote health, healing, and higher consciousness. This is a worthy endeavor, and the book guides you every step of the way. Jonathan and Andi Goldman are pioneers in the healing use of sound, and you are the beneficiary!
— Donna Eden, Author of Energy Medicine


About Jonathan Goldman


Jonathan Goldman, MA, is considered a founding pioneer of the modern sound-healing movement.  A master teacher, he’s the author of numerous award-winning, bestselling books, including: Healing SoundsShifting Frequencies, The 7 Secrets Of Sound Healing, Chakra Frequencies (co-authored with his wife Andi), The Divine Name, and his latest, The Humming Effect (co-authored with his wife Andi), a Gold Winner of the 2018 Visionary Award for Best Healing Book.

Jonathan is director of the Sound Healers Association and president of Spirit Music, Inc. in Boulder, Colorado. A Grammy nominee, he has created over 25 bestselling, award-winning recordings including “The Divine Name” (with Gregg Braden), “Reiki Chants,” “Frequencies: Sounds of Healing,” “The Lost Chord,” “Ascension Harmonics,” “Merkaba of Sound,” and “Chakra Chants,” a winner of both the Visionary Awards for Best Healing-Meditation Album and Album of the Year.

Jonathan is a lecturing member of the International Society for Music Medicine. He has dedicated his life to the path of service, helping awaken and empower others with the ability of sound to heal and transform.

In Spring 2011, Jonathan was named as one of Watkin’s Reviews 100 Most Spiritually Influential People on the Planet. In 2011, Jonathan was inducted into the Massage Therapy’s Hall of Fame. He presents healing sounds lectures, workshops and seminars worldwide. Jonathan lives with his wife Andi in Boulder, Colorado.