Four Steps to Focus the Busy Mind Through Qigong

By Clare Henjum and Master Mingtong Gu

Do you find your mind whirling a lot lately? Are you feeling hurried or tired? Many people are just like you. According to the teachings of Wisdom Healing Qigong, this means it is simply time to come back home in body, mind and heart.

Like India’s yoga, and Tibetan Buddhism that migrated to the West, China’s cultural treasure, the energy practice of Qigong, is quickly spreading to the West. Because it has a history that extends back into ancient times dating 4,000 to 7,000 years ago, there are thousands of styles.

“In Wisdom Healing Qigong I discovered the ability to awaken joy, healing and vitality within, through connecting with the energy that flows through all life,” Master Mingtong Gu says. “As my teacher, Grandmaster and Dr. Pang, the founder of Wisdom Healing Qigong, taught us, more practice can yield deeper results.”

Research from China and the United States, including Master Gu’s own Chi Center, is showing that a wide variety of conditions can be improved with regular qigong practice. Long-term practice (100 days plus) shows even better results.

Jeffrey, please add photo caption: Master Mingtong Gu

For centuries, Qigong masters shared these teachings with only a few dedicated students, but during the 1970s, Qigong started to be shared and embraced by millions. With the continued bustle of modern day living, Qigong is being taught around the world and online, in response to a rising need by people who want to take personal responsibility for living healthier.

What is Wisdom Healing Qigong? In Chinese, “qi” (chi — pronounced chee) means vitality or life force. “Gong” means the “practice of.” Wisdom Healing Qigong is a form of Qigong focused on renewing health, joy and vitality of mind, body and heart. Through gentle movement, meditation, healing sounds and visualization, this form of Qigong awakens our awareness and connection with qi. Through dedicated practice, we learn to direct this life energy to our mind, body and heart to stay renewed and to support healing, including for stress and chronic illnesses.

How to Start? Here are four easy steps for starting a Wisdom Healing Qigong journey to relax and focus a busy mind:

  1. Relax into this Moment

Qigong is called the gentle practice. Find a quiet place — it can be in an elevator or your car — and whisper the ancient chant, “Hao-la” (pronounced how-lah). This chant translates to “all is well, so be it.” We are opening and calming the mind to accept that we are okay, and the world is okay in this moment.

  1. Renew the Body

Qigong is called the moving meditation. The pace of modern life confines us to our desk, our car, and our smart devices. It is time to move the body gently. Start with the Spinal Bone Marrow Movement from Wisdom Healing Qigong. This gentle Qigong practice increases back flexibility and strength, and improves balance. Click here to watch a video demonstration.

  1. Release the Stress

Qigong is called the joyful practice. Emotional health is a cornerstone of wellness in Qigong. “When we expand our capacity for joy, then our body, mind and heart moves through life open to more possibility, and not depleted by worry,” Master Gu says. Begin to release the stressful effects in your daily life from constant email and newsfeeds by chanting the ancient healing Qigong sound for the heart: “Xin” (pronounced “sheen”).

  1. Reconnect with your Best Life

Qigong is called the healing practice. Wisdom Healing Qigong trains us to connect with chi, the life energy in and around us to heal ourselves and heal our world. Start with a morning practice to help focus on well-being and the good works you can do this day. Click here for more information.

So even though your life may feel chaotic, Qigong can help you embrace each moment as a blessing. Qigong informs us how to live in health, peace and balance by exploring and integrating qi:

Activation: Through learning the teachings we learn how to access and activate qi, the life energy. “When we activate Qi flow within us, we not only expand the resources of health and life, we transcend the differences between all religious and spiritual traditions,” Master Gu says.

Cultivation: Through doing the movements, meditations and sounds, we experience the physical and emotional benefits (such as flexibility, strength and balance). We also cultivate the power of the mind to connect in new ways with the health of the body, and spiritually with the wholeness of all life.

Connection: As we tap into the accumulative energy of love, wisdom and joy, it allows us to become aware of life around us, and to feel deeply connected with family, coworkers and the world. As we learn how to transform fear and stress, we can move about the world with more gentleness and kindness.

“When we make our best effort to come home within, we heal ourselves and we heal our world. With every practice, we help make joy, health, and compassion possible.” Master Gu says when asked about a compelling reason for someone new to Qigong to start this energy practice. You are invited to watch a short video that will start you on a practice of coming home. Master Gu brings his years of experience working with people of all ages and illnesses to guide you to discover your best self. Click here to watch this free video teaching.


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Master Mingtong Gu is the founder of The Chi Center, bringing the teachings of Wisdom Healing Qigong to people around the world. Clare Henjum is a writer with The Chi Center. The Chi Center is based at the Center for Wisdom Healing Qigong in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and is dedicated to the principles of self-healing and empowerment. Master Gu offers his joyous teachings in Wisdom Healing Qigong through online learning and by hosting healing retreats at the Center and internationally for beginners to advanced students, health professionals and Qigong teacher certification. Click here to visit the Chi Center’s website.

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This article appears in: 2017 Catalyst, Issue 7: Energy Medicine