Soul of WoMen Global Campaign May 15th, Fuji Sanctuary, Japan

By Dr. Maki Saionji Kawamura

Awakening divine feminine wisdom and principles within the hearts of humanity.

Divine Feminine wisdom and intuition lives within the heart of every woman and man. They are expressed through acts of compassion, a kind word, a healing touch, a silent prayer, a gentle embrace. As we evolve as true global citizens to embrace the oneness of humanity, the old patterns of a masculine dominated society gives way to the emergence and acceptance of true divine feminine principles to usher in a more sustainable and balanced world order.

A synchronized global campaign

The first impetus of Soul of WoMen was planted in Japan by prominent activists and peacemakers led by my mother Masami Saionji. The initiative will be celebrated at Fuji Sanctuary on May 15th, 2016 as we mark the first anniversary of the Fuji Declaration with synchronized events being organized around the world as well as a focused meditation to activate the divine feminine. We are inviting the global community to Say YES to Soul of WoMen and to join the global campaign by registering your support on the global network map. Join us and register your support! Learn more about Soul of WoMen by clicking here.

Why Soul of WoMen?

The great source of life encompasses both the divine masculine and the divine feminine, which need to be balanced within each individual and in society. However, when we look at the world today, we see an imbalance in which feminine qualities are less than prevalent. For thousands of years, human history has been dominated by our masculine expressions, resulting in wars, aggression, competition and the destruction of the natural world. We can say that our systems and practices have long suppressed feminine values such as love, compassion, empathy, nurturing, intuition, cooperation, and peacemaking. It is important that these feminine values are honored and become the guiding force for global survival and evolution at this critical juncture in history.

At the same time, the true power of the masculine must also find expression. As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic.” The masculine power that rules the present world is too often detached from love and takes the form of violence and aggression, while love is not regarded as a real power to effect any change.

What is most needed in our world today is to revive and activate the undermined feminine values, and to redefine and harmonize the true masculine archetype. Only when we are able to restore balance between the masculine and feminine energies, can we fully ignite the divine spark in the spirit of humanity and open the door to a new era.

As a first step, we need to open our minds and free ourselves of all prejudices and stereotypes—whether they concern gender, cultural, racial, political or religious differences, physical or mental abilities, or social status. And most importantly, we must free ourselves from the prejudice that denies the sacredness of our own life. Only when we look deep inside our hearts and work to rid ourselves of our long-held prejudices and self-limiting beliefs can we forgive and heal our past wounds. Rather than turning our long standing pain into anger, we can reclaim our true identity and step forward on the path to healing and wholeness.

Our vision is to inspire every woman and man to bring out their authentic self and share their unique gifts to co-create a new future. In oneness, we can foster a more peaceful and flourishing world for all life—a world that honors deep feminine principles in harmony with the masculine.

Today, many individuals and groups calling for the rise of the feminine are emerging in all parts of the world. We believe it is time for all of them to come together to shift the consciousness of humanity.

Learn more about Soul of WoMen by clicking here

Dr. Maki Saionji Kawamura is granddaughter of Masahisa Goi who authored the message and prayer, May Peace Prevail On Earth, in Japan over 6 decades ago. She is currently the Managing Director of Goi Peace Foundation in Japan, that brings “together people in wisdom, united in their hearts toward the common goal of peace on Earth. She is also the Vice Chairperson of Byakko Shinko Kai, a 50 year old organization that supports prayer as an instrument of social change.


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