Bringing the Connection with Love into Your Daily Life

By Heather Marlow

Beyond all actions
Beyond all words
Beyond all thoughts
Is the Supreme Silence.

It is in this Silent Space
That the potential of all is held
The Unity of life is realized and experienced.

Therefore be still.

Let all thoughts settle.
Know your breath
And with Love
Move deeper into Self.

This will allow you
To Understand and melt into the Whole
Bringing Peace and Wisdom.

Practice with Joy and Patience
For only in time will this gateway open to you
Shining Light on you as you move forward
Allowing you to blend into all of Creation.

From A Gift of Hope – Daily Words from the Silence
By Heather Marlow

It is with these words, given by Spirit, that my book opens. What is most important to remember is that all emanates from Love. It is from the silent space of Unconditional Love that all comes into being. If we can open ourselves to this awareness then our daily life becomes easier and more peaceful. We no longer fight or judge others but allow all to follow their own pathway. We may offer help, if it is requested, but not be offended if it is not taken. For we realize that we do not have the over view of life and others will find their way when the time is right.

This sounds easy to do, for words are simple to read. But although we might think that we understand, when it comes to putting them into practice, it can be a different matter.

For the demands made on us in our everyday life give a misconception that awareness of the silent space of Love is vastly separate from us, only available for special people who live far from everyday reality.

It is not so. The daily connection with Love is for everyone, found in their own understanding and practice.

So how can we allow ourselves to walk in the Light of Love and share it with all?

Firstly we must look deep within ourselves. Not just in our thoughts or even our heart, but deeper still into our heart of hearts. For it is from there that we will learn the truth about ourselves. What is the motivation that drives us onward? What is it that we truly seek?

It is by a daily practice of sitting quietly and turning inward that the answers are found. In the stillness, a small voice is heard revealing our true nature.

It is then we can ask Why? Is it for glory and fame, or is it for the betterment of all?

It is the latter that holds the key to our existence.

Once we have this understanding, we can begin to use those questions in every situation. By stopping and giving ourselves time to ponder on these matters, we find we will know how to act and what to say. Slowly even our thoughts will change. We can see ourselves in others.

This will bring it’s own peace of mind. For as we practice our responses will be automatic. We will find that we do not have to keep checking ourselves, but Love will flow freely. We will see the Divine in all and honour it.

As it has been stated before, it is not easy. As we learn to have compassion for others, we should have the same amount of compassion for ourselves. Treating ourselves with the same patient encouragement that we would give to a child.

If at first you do not succeed, try again and as many times as you need without being discouraged but learning from each situation. It may seem as though you have accomplished your desire, but lessons can come in many ways, each being a different part of the same awareness. This will allow you to recognise the need for Love of self as well as others. For even with your earnest desire for change it can take time.

Moving into Love is a slow and beautiful process. It allows you to see, hear, and feel from your true Self. You experience the world as a different place. Your Love rises and joins with others. Who like yourself, wish for the betterment of all life forms. Your every step becomes a Blessing to all.

Heather Marlow has been a yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga for over 36 years. She has taken meditation groups allowing people to open their awareness and get a connection to their inner self. During that time she has sat with the late great international medium Ursula Roberts. Whilst with her Heather started to become a trance medium. She is currently on a trance mentorship course. Heather is also a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist.

Her book A Gift of Hope – Daily Words from the Silence was given to her during her morning meditations. This book has been called a Companion for Inner Peace.


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This article appears in: 2016 Catalyst, Issue 3: Valentine's Day & Body Intelligence