Why Optimal Health is Your Key to Happiness, Meaningful Relationships and Yes - Prosperity Too!

By Dr. Robyn Benson

An Insight into the Shift’s Winter of Wellness 2016.

It is a New Year and a time for both reflection and renewal. The start of a new year is a wonderful opportunity to pause, soul search and create the year and life your heart desires. As the host of the Winter of Wellness 2016, the Shift's most popular yearly summit, I am confident you will find the answers you are seeking to live optimally and with excellent health from 39 of the world's leading wellness professionals.

Are you ready to wake up each morning feeling energized and ready to meet your day with brainpower, enthusiasm and focused intention to live your life’s purpose and dreams? But what if you find that although this sounds great, you are not

waking up with this mindset, and instead find it challenging just to get out of bed. What if you are fatigued, have pain in your body and your morning musings are filled with negative thoughts?

You are not alone, if this is you!   We are living in extreme times with information overload and toxicity levels that impact the core of our livelihood. More people are finding themselves in a state of constant stress and overwhelm.

What I hear most from my patients is, “Dr. Benson, I just want to feel good. I want to know joy again, and feel excited about life.”  For 24 years, I have helped people get to the root of their pain, mysterious illnesses, weight gain, depression, hormonal imbalances and fatigue, to name just a few of the many health-impacting issues I treat. It has been both an honor and a challenge for me, as I see people including children and teenagers struggling with these health issues more than ever.

I am happy to report you will find the straightforward solutions you are looking for in this exciting 5th season of the Winter of Wellness. for months the Shift Network’s team has been preparing to bring you the brightest, heart-centered leaders in health to help you heal your leaky gut, find ways to live a gluten-free lifestyle, and  effortlessly open yourself up to your own healing abilities that will guide your body into vitality and wholeness.

Carolyn Myss, Gregg Braden and Dr. Norm Shealy will show you that living prayer, grace and spirit through you is possible, and how to expand your resiliency in these exciting and often difficult times.

Dr. Zach Bush, a rare triple-board certified MD, will share his lifetime of learning and how he has discovered the antidote to the perils of GMO and other toxicity to help your body heal on a cellular level.  Dr. Suzanne Bennett will illuminate the life-shifting benefits of getting your mighty mitochondria, the fuel generators of your body, working again to alleviate any chronic health condition you may have.   Dave Asprey, will give you tips to bio-hack your body, brain and performance and show you how to live Bulletproof in 2016.

If you have had a lifelong challenge with extra weight, listen to inspiring conversations with celebrity and fitness expert JJ Virgin, Dr. Steve Masley (the most watched PBS health expert of all times) and Dr. Jonny Bowden as they reveal how to eliminate sugar cravings, food intolerances and to become smart about good fats.  First time speaker Jamie Wheal will reveal the power of flow state and how you can access this, too, the way that world-class athletes do.

This is just a sampling of what you will learn, in order to live with optimal and sustainable health and, yes, prosperity, too in this revolutionary Winter of Wellness summit this year.  

Join thousands of people around the globe now for the Winter of Wellness - click here.

Dr. Robyn Benson
is a pioneer of the Self-Care Revolution, which aims to transform lives and healthcare, one person at a time. This mission has been fueled by lessons she’s learned and the wisdom and insights she’s GAINED on her transformational journey as a doctor of Oriental medicine, including travel to more than 70 countries. For the past 23 years, she’s applied her considerable knowledge of acupuncture, herbs, IV therapies and leading-edge energy medicine to help patients achieve optimal, radiant and sustainable health. In 2005, Dr. Robyn founded Santa Fe Soul, an innovative healthcare center which now has a staff of 25 practitioners. A mother, adventure enthusiast, world traveler, author and speaker, Dr. Robyn brings a decidedly holistic approach to 21st-Century healthcare. To learn more, click here.


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This article appears in: 2016 Catalyst, Issue 1: Winter of Wellness & Feminine Spirituality