Creating Heaven on Earth ' The Search for Sustainability

By Nathan Crane

As I traveled the country seeking a better way of life – a more meaningful, sustainable, vibrant life – I had deep excitement and profound joy for what I was about to experience. I knew intuitively that what I would learn along my journey could inspire me and many others to live closer to the land and more in harmony with our life’s purpose – but I had no idea how deeply it would shift my entire life and bring me closer to experiencing heaven on earth.

My pregnant wife and our 4-year old daughter co-piloted this new and exciting mission with me as we toured the country with backpacking gear and film equipment interviewing visionaries, politicians, business people, school teachers, permaculturists, farmers, and families from all walks of life with one simple, yet profoundly important subject in mind – sustainability.

We began looking at all facets of sustainability; from land, soil, health, and water; to education, politics, business, and economics, asking many hard questions about our current situation on the planet as a human species. The truth is, from a sustainability point of view, it doesn’t look too good for most of us. We’ve depleted ungodly amounts of natural resources, polluted the oceans, destroyed thousand year old forests, poisoned animals, eliminated species into extinction, and driven the Western civilization into disease and obesity – and all in only the past few hundred years has all of this really taken place. Before that, our ancestors from all corners of the globe lived sustainably on the land depleting little-to-no resources, and in many cases, always gave back to the land so that it would be re-useable for future generations.

Something shifted in our consciousness that has prevented us from realizing the vibrant and living nature of our Mother Gaia, and through technocratic commercialism and lack of compassion for our species and our planet – we’ve created machines and systems of which there only function is to generate wealth, automate processes, comfortize human lives, and destroy the planet.

The hard cold reality is that our latest science is showing us we cannot go much longer on this degrading and thoughtless path before something breaks; whether it’s running out of enough clean water, depleting healthy soils into oblivion, or burning from rising temperatures. Some believe we only have a few years, others believe only a few decades – nonetheless, if we don’t do something about it now, a majority of us will see planetary chaos and human turmoil in this lifetime.

The good news of it all is that there are simple and effective solutions available at our fingertips right this second. We don’t have to wait for better technologies or government laws – both of which can take decades to create, of which at that time it would already be too late - the good news is that every person I interviewed for my documentary series is hopeful, inspirational, and excitingly practical in their approach to living more sustainably with the planet. The good news is that with some simple shifts in our diets, our lifestyles, our education systems, our thinking towards others and the planet, and our daily choices, we actually can turn this sinking ship around and not only live sustainably, but live vibrantly and abundantly with meaning and purpose for generations to come creating our own little piece of Heaven here on Earth.

As our native Iroquois brothers and sisters have said for many years, In every deliberation, we must consider the impact on the seventh generation... even if it requires having skin as thick as the bark of a pine.” Thinking of how our actions today affect seven generations ahead means looking into the future and visualizing how this action right now will impact the next 140 years of human life. I understand that can seem too distant for most, so at the very least, if each of us can begin looking into the future for the next two generations, meaning that if you can see how your actions today will affect your grandchildren, a possibility of consciousness might occur that could create a snowball effect of sustainable living.

If we can begin to see two generations into the future, and base our actions on how it will impact our grandchildren, we may be able to see ourselves tending to a beautiful piece of Mother Earth, regenerating the land and having our own piece of beauty to grow vibrant food and live more sustainably with our families.

The Search for Sustainability documentary series has given me more than I ever could have imagined, and now I share it with you to hopefully inspire each of us to live a little bit more sustainable, a little bit more conscious, and a little more vibrant each and every day so that we may support our future generations and create a beautiful piece of Heaven here on Earth.

To a sustainable future,

Nathan Crane

Watch the Search for Sustainability documentary series free by clicking here.

Nathan Crane is an award winning author, inspirational speaker, conscious filmmaker, and highly sought after publisher and promoter of personal growth teachings, books, events and training courses. Nathan is the founder of the Panacea Companies including The Panacea Community, Panacea Publishing, Inc., Panacea Life School, and Panacea Hope. He is the President and CEO of Integrated Health International, and produces highly transformational events that positively impact and transform hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide. To learn more about Nathan, click here.


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This article appears in: 2015 Catalyst, Issue 21: Co-Creating Heaven on Earth