The Law of Attraction

By Dr. Sue Morter

The Law of Attraction is a beautiful principle that many of us already engage with and benefit from. We are blessed to have such influence infiltrating our culture. The realization that we play a role in our reality and our entire life experience, to the degree that what we merely focus our attention on can manifest in our lives, changes lives in amazingly powerful ways every day. “Focus up and attract great things into your life."

Something comes to mind though, as I work with patients and clients, that is also important to embrace. Sometimes we infer that we have to attract things into our lives in order to be ok, fulfilled, and whole.  Clearly that is not the intention, but I have often seen it interpreted this way, if even at only the subconscious level.

Ultimately, we are made of creative energy itself. We are that which we are attempting to attract. We are infinite possibility packed into a body. Truly everything we need is right here. Perhaps we are not aware of it, and therefore feel there is something we need to get. We mistakenly chase that which is already here. 

It is time to engage a new conversation, one of Creation. The Law of Creation is ready to birth in a new way in human consciousness. Creatorship is what we are truly made of and made for. We simply need to be shown how to shift our operating system in order to have access to it. This developing circuitry arises from deep within, and is natural, but our culture has not acclimated to coming from this space, so it seems elusive.

We live from the outside in, for example: “I need to think right to get something good happening in my life, and if I don’t think right I won’t.” This implies that “I am empty and I need,” and this is simply not true. So we ask, “What then, is true?”

It isn't just about “attracting.” It is about stewardship of the Divine. It is about honoring the rich truth of who we are. To do this we need only reveal it, become acclimated to it, and reveal and express. Nature is on our side.  We need only learn the language, the internal language of the Essential Self.

In the Energy Codes® coursework that I teach, one of the principles states: “We are here to learn to manage our internal environment regardless of our external circumstances.” This is a beginning step to learning this essential language of soulful expression.

This teaches us to manage our true internal power. When we look at how we would feel if a desire were to manifest, we can see that it is not about the “things” we want from the outside. It is really about the energetic experience we would have on the inside if it were to manifest.  We often are looking for an inner experience, but we’re looking for something on the outside to bring it. This is the grand illusion at play, and it can be transcended – actually deepened to a much more real and meaningful life experience.

We are here to create from our internal stream of source energy.  The body will show us how.  In its infinite capacity to reveal our greatest truth, the body speaks a language that traverses the full spectrum of human engagement.  Eleven billion bits of information bombard the body every millisecond; that information rises from the core, not the brain.  Without waiver the body resonates with “what is” and without hesitation or prejudice it registers that information in the tissues.  Once we learn to read this bodily response, we are home free.  That is, if we are willing to follow its guidance.  But that requires an entire renewal of our value system.  What matters most on the inside must begin to matter most on the outside.  When it does, we become creator:  “When I embrace my magnificence, I reveal it in the actions I take and in the reality I create.”

We are ready to embrace the language that the body speaks – because it is time. The good news is, we can.

It is time to learn the language of the soul in a simple and graceful manner.  Look within, follow your core feelings and know that your decisions are based on more information than your strategic mind can calculate. Your inner world reigns. 

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Dr. Sue Morter is founder of Morter Institute for Bio-Energetics and Healing.  She teaches coursework worldwide called The Energy Codes®: Principles and Practices for Embodying Your Intended Life.  The Energy Codes are about unlocking the patterns that have bound us in a world of externalized power where our main focus has been about survival and getting by, and then revealing new circuitry for the evolutionary awakening that is occurring in humanity in an organized, codified manner.  To learn more, visit:

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This article appears in: 2015 Catalyst, Issue 8: Inspiring Women