Envisioning a Life of Health and Well-Being

By Robyn Benson

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born
and the day you find out why.” - Mark Twain

Have you ever stepped back to take a look at your life? I mean a real good look at your journey and everything about it – the ups, the downs, the times of sorrow and loss, and the times of euphoria and bliss? If you have, then maybe you’ve seen how all of those great moments including those filled with adversity have shaped you and prepared you for the day when you would step into your life’s great calling.
For me, one of those first moments happened when I was five years old. I watched my parents struggle to keep my baby brother alive. They sought out the help of the best cardiologist, but despite their best efforts my brother died. I wanted so badly to grow up to become the doctor who could’ve saved him.
In fifth grade, I visited a nursing home for career day. I was overwhelmed by the smell, the sadness, and the loneliness of that place. Seeing how disease and poor lifestyle choices affected these elderly patients set in stone my career path: I was going to dedicate my life to helping those around me live a life of optimal health and to avoid unnecessary pain and suffering by becoming a healthcare practitioner.
Another moment hit me in high school when I was fifteen– I lost a dear friend of mine to leukemia. Todd. Going through chemo, his one wish was to live long enough to run a marathon.  A year to the day that he died, April 20th 1981, I ran the Boston Marathon in honor of him. I was one of many running in memory of a love one who died due to a terminal illness.
It inspired me, refocused me, and as I crossed that finish line, I entered into my calling.
I think it’s safe to say that I am a health care practitioner today because of these moments. Maybe I would have been a doctor without them, but these moments have set my level of passion and dedication to spreading this message of health and the power of self-care, even to this very day.
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When these moments are thrust upon you (and they won’t all be painful)…

  • Embrace them. Own these moments, they are yours. You have to know that they have a purpose and a place in your journey.
  • Revel in the opportunity. These moments are chances for you to develop into the person who you were put here to be, to create the good work you were here to give, and to raise the banner of the message you must spread to the world.
  • Share them. In sharing your moments, you alert others to the possibility that there are moments in their life that they might have missed. You also help them to look forward and face, head on, the ones that lie ahead. It’s inspirational to hear how people turn their sorrows and adversities into epic milestones of triumph.

So in looking back on your life and seeing these moments, be thankful for them. There will be new moments to move you even further in your journey. Embrace them. Feel into them and let them impact you.
With love, health, and happiness,

For 22 years, Dr. Robyn Benson DOM a mother of two, adventure enthusiast, world traveler, speaker and author, loves to help each and every patient achieve optimal, radiant and sustainable health.  She brings a wealth of services to you including acupuncture, herbs, IV therapies and cutting edge energy medicine and mostly her caring and intuitive understanding of what will help you with any health issue you may have.  Robyn is known by many to be THE health detective with life-changing solutions.  Presently Robyn is on a mission to share her most important message of Self-Care in this time of great change.  
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