Intro to Toltec Wisdom of Self-Mastery'Free this Wednesday

By Stephen Dinan, Founder of The Shift Network

During the buildup to Birth 2012 last year, I often said that don Miguel Ruiz, the bestselling author of The Four Agreements, is like our planetary grandfather in parallel with Barbara Marx Hubbard as planetary grandmother.  He traveled the world, inspiring people to mark the transition to a new era with celebration and unification. Everywhere, people responded passionately because he’s brimming with the kind of sacred wisdom and divine love that’s at the core of the shift now underway. Now we are delighted to bring this remarkable man to you for free with a special event next Wednesday, where he will share his latest teachings: “The 3 Gateways of Mastery: Essential Toltec Teachings to Create Your Life with Artistry.”  This event will draw from don Miguel's deep lineage of Toltec wisdom “to help us turn a ‘good-enough’ life into a masterpiece by becoming a masterful Artist of our own destiny.”

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This article appears in: 2013 Catalyst - Issue 4