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Going Causal on an Ego Trip

By Erin DeWitt

Grab a cup of tea and enjoy the ride. From my perspective thus far, the journey on the wheel of co-creation is a wild one when you decide to go causal. Co-creating from the sacred space of the heart takes us beyond our imagination and I am grateful.

Barbara Marx Hubbard entered my life in 2010. I was facilitating a consciousness studies circle with 9 women and we participated in her Gateway to Conscious Evolution DVD course. We explored the content, soaked in Barbara’s wisdom and contemplated how to live our lives by choice not chance. In 2011, the Shift Network introduced me to Barbara’s Agent of Conscious Evolution course. The course deepened my relationship with Self and clarified my gifts to the world. It also gave me the courage to publicly speak about our evolutionary journey and invite community to say YES to the process as it unfolds and blossoms. Since deciding to “go causal” my life has moved fast forward.

I was on fire. I shared our creation story in community circles, showed Barbara’s films and created a Birth 2012 display with info about the Shift Network and Barbara for Twin Ports Bridge Festival which drew over 3,000 people in two days. I spoke non-stop to whoever would listen about Birth 2012.  While meditating one day, I heard “You will go to Chicago tomorrow to see Barbara at the Celebrate your Life Conference”. I replied, “WHAT?!!! I can’t do that! I am co-facilitating a circle this weekend. I don’t have a way there. I don’t have lodging. Who will watch the kids?” My ego was definitely in the drivers seat. So, I did what many of us do in that state. I ignored the message.  That lasted for about 2 hours. Then 2 people called and said they couldn’t be at the circle over the weekend, so we rescheduled. I received an email “out of the blue” about the Megabus route from Minneapolis to Chicago. Within an hour I had my bus ticket, kid care and conference registration. I reached out on the ACE page and Shift Network Member site inquiring if any members would be there. I heard back from Nina Patrick. She and other ACE Mentors from Chicago graciously shared some floor space in their hotel room. Before I knew it I was having lunch with Barbara- not once, but twice with ACE Mentors. It was incredible! I had the opportunity to network and share what was evolving in Duluth, MN. Barbara invited us to speak about our experience with ACE at the beginning of her presentation. I was approached afterward by a couple women sharing that my enthusiasm had inspired them to launch circles in their communities. It was humbling. Ego Trip Message #1- Trust.

When I returned from Chicago, I joined an ACE in-gathering call with Barbara and Stephen Dinan. Stephen invited folks to share about upcoming Birth 2012 events. He called upon me saying that I was from Duluth, MN, his hometown. I couldn’t believe it! What a crazy synchronicity. I shared what was emerging with 2012 Twin Ports Bridge Festival and our theme of Stand for Humanity and another incredible event called Grandmothers Gathering for Gitchigaaming (Lake Superior) that takes place annually on Madeline Island in August where 48 women from around the country come together for 4 days in appreciation and celebration of water. He gave me his parents contact info and invited me to reach out to them. I did and we spent all day together at the Birth 2012 booth at the Bridge Festival. I felt deeply connected with them and appreciative of the great unfolding. I knew that all of creation was a part of something so big- beyond words and it was just getting started. Ego Trip Message #2- Show up. You are enough as you are.

My family and I joined over 900 folks from 44 countries in Maui to share a sonic offering riding upon Lemurian pineal tones on 12/21/12. I connected with Jonathan Yudis, another ACE’r before going as they were going to have a Birth 2012 celebration on the island and I wanted to be at the party! He had not heard that the Lemurians were coming to the island and was thrilled. The Maui event was the last Birth 2012 event to be televised by the Shift Network and thank goodness they did that! Our family left a month before the celebration and camped on the island. We did not have Internet access and tickets to the Birth celebration weren’t available when we left. We checked into a hotel for the toning event and I became engrossed in the Lemurian reunion. I didn’t remember to get our tickets until the day of. I went online and was crestfallen. They were sold out. I couldn’t believe it. I cried like I haven’t cried before. How could I miss this? What does it mean? I worked so hard and inspired two Birth 2012 events to happen in our hometown before I left. I had been a living poster child for Birth 2012 and now I wasn’t going to get to go to the party. I tuned into the Maui ceremony on Shift Network from a Maui hotel room and laughed at the irony of it all. My ah-ha moment came. At the end of the event Jonathan introduced Dr. Todd Ovokaitys and some members of the Lemurian Choir. My jaw dropped, I laughed and cried some more- tears of joy this time. I got it. I was the synchronicity between the Maui Birth event and the Lemurian Toning Reunion. That was my role, to connect them so people around the world could experience, through the Shift Network, the Lemurian tones. In that moment I realized the profundity of divine order and timing. We often think of synchronicities setting things in motion for us, but rarely that we may be someone else’s synchronicity. We are all interconnected and everything happens perfectly. M family enjoyed an incredible last night on the island.  Ego Trip Message #3: Surrender and live from the heart, be joy in each moment as all of them are perfect.

And the causal flow continues. Dr. Emoto, Stephen Dinan and his wife Devaa are coming to the 3rd Annual Twin Ports Bridge Festival in July. Dr. Emoto will launch the festival on July 5th with his presentation Hidden Messages from Water. He will open the festival day with a water ceremony on July 6th. Stephen will speak about Vision 2020 and the global consciousness movement. Devaa will connect us with the Divine Feminine and inner beloved with her soulful chants. Gwen Hallsmith is coming from Vermont to introduce the Earth Charter. The theme is Love 2013. Together we will offer appreciation to the world’s largest body of freshwater by surface area. We will celebrate our shared humanity and commitment to economic, social and environmental sustainability. We will plant seeds and connect people from the hub of our hearts. We will begin growing the food that is our future.

I am grateful for this and more.

Erin DeWitt lives with her husband and two children in Duluth, MN. She owns Conscious Living  where she offers healing sessions, teaches Reiki, and workshops for businesses and organizations on Conscious Living, the New Science on Healing, Mind-Heart-Body Awareness and the Power of Intention.

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This article appears in:
2013 Catalyst - Issue 10

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