The Shift Catalyst — Inspiring Women with Soul

By Devaa Haley Mitchell, co-founder of The Shift Network

It's quite hard to believe that it's now been nine years that I've been hosting our Inspiring Women with Soul summit... and it feels like NOW is clearly women's time to SHINE.

During this FREE online summit, which ends this Thursday, March 14, you’ll discover amazing women leaders who are on fire with possibility and purpose. Women who’ll tell you the truth and help you navigate the journey of transformation as you travel it in your daily life. Yes, you can still register and hear many of this year’s amazing speakers.

The feminine is clearly continuing to rise all around the globe, with women designing new templates for living and leading. Women are also stepping forward in unprecedented numbers and in unprecedented ways — as entrepreneurs, as political leaders, as messengers sharing a uniquely feminine perspective, as new-paradigm mothers who are raising our future generations… and so much more.

We are reclaiming our voices, our bodies, and our power. We are co-creating spaces to nurture, nourish, and heal. We are showing up with presence, authenticity, and our compassionate hearts. We are allowing ourselves to be more profoundly guided by our deep feminine wisdom and intuition…

And in the process, we are redefining what it means to live a meaningful life. I offer a deep bow to each of you for the inspiration you offer into your own communities, in both little and big ways... and for being part of this rising tide of the feminine.

We are the ones we've been waiting for. Indeed!

We are also celebrating the launch of the Plant Medicine Summit (March 18 to 22), hosted by our good friend, David Crow. This FREE summit features a global gathering of leading ecological experts, health practitioners, and inspiring educators who will be exploring the intersection of medicine, ecology, and spirituality in the plant kingdom.

What’s clear is that so many of the solutions we need to create a healthy, vibrant, thriving life on this planet are already available to us in the form of medicinal plants. And on a subtler level, shifting our relationship with the plant kingdom to one of respect, honoring, and partnership offers a profound rewiring.

Our modern society is only now waking up to what our ancestors knew about the plant kingdom. For millennia, people the world over have used whatever was immediately accessible to heal themselves — botanical treatments, healing tinctures, and medicinal remedies from herbs, flowers, and other flora.

Click here to register and receive inspiring, practical plant medicine wisdom and to transform their relationship with the natural world.

Editor’s Note: In this issue, Teri Cochrane, a speaker at the 2019 Inspiring Women with Soul Summit, shares the gripping story of how she transitioned from a corporate career to become a nutritional counselor and integrative practitioner — to literally save her children’s lives.

Our Featured Articles section this issue is dedicated to climate change. You’ll find an exclusive Catalyst video interview with author and activist Anneloes Smitsman on the feminine perspective on climate change… a video interview conducted by Shift’s Philip Hellmich with Alexander Verbeek, one of the world’s leading experts on climate change, peace, and security… and a sobering article by Lawrence Woolershein on what every global citizen needs to know about global warming.

We also have a real treat for you! World-class violinist Bethany Grace (who’s toured with everyone from Yanni to Pavarotti), shares her thoughts in this exclusive video interview on the link between music and spirituality. Be sure to watch the last few minutes, because Bethany graces us with a stunning performance of Hallelujah that promises to move you to tears.

Finally, we’d love to hear your answer to the question, What sacred gifts are YOU here to share? To share your thoughts in our Facebook Page community, click here.

Whatever women must do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult.
— Charlotte Whitton

My Children Have Been My Greatest Teachers
By Teri Cochrane, Speaker at the 2019 Inspiring Women with Soul Summit

My daughter, who was healthy as a child, became septic after a botched wisdom-tooth extraction at age fifteen. She almost died. The severity of the sepsis sent her to the hospital where she spent several days. The antibiotic, clindamycin, saved her life, but it also shifted her gut biome, allowing candida to overgrow and cause a host of food sensitivities. Nine months later at a ballet conservatory, she was incorrectly dispensed a supplement which caused her liver to become toxic. She stopped having periods and could not regulate her body temperature. In addition, her insulin skyrocketed, she started losing hair, and she experienced repeated episodes of fainting. Because her immune system was compromised, she contracted E. coli from tainted food a few months later.

To read more, click here.

Practical Animism” Facebook Live Q&A

Would you like to discover powerful practices and a down-to-earth framework for navigating your relationships with the Earth and with the rest of life? Psychotherapist and animism teacher Daniel Foor will be leading a special Facebook Live Q&A call on Wednesday, March 13, at 5:00pm Pacific to share how you can expand your relationships with our other-than-human kin to experience life in a more nourishing, healing, and reciprocal way. Click here to get a Facebook Messenger reminder when the event goes live.

Your Voice:

We want to know: What sacred gifts are YOU here to share? To share your thoughts in our Facebook Page community, click here.

Anneloes Smitsman on the Feminine Perspective on Climate Change
Video interview with Phil Bolsta

In this 43-minute video interview exclusively for Catalyst, Anneloes Smitsman, an author and catalyst for transformational change, conscious leadership, and collective thrivability, shares her thoughts on how a feminine perspective on climate change may galvanize people to view this global crisis in a way that spurs more of us to become engaged in preserving our world.

An excerpt:

So what we can see then if you're holding this as a birthing process again, is that at the time, as a woman when you're about to give birth, you will see that the pressures are building up. So the baby has expanded into the womb and it's about to enter into its next phase of its life. But as a woman, as a mother, you are born also by the birth of your baby. So what we're seeing then is at that time when the pressure is building up, when it's time for our birth, when we need to engage into the birth canal, to become that future waiting to be born... is that we're starting to see that the womb starts to contract from the top. And what starts to happen is that the life support system that has been supporting the baby for all this time, it will now give the incentive for the baby to come out.

To watch the video and read the transcript, click here.

Alexander Verbeek: Climate Change is Impacting Peace and Security
Video interview with Philip Hellmich

Philip Hellmich, Shift’s Director of Peace, was invited by Peace Through Commerce, a co-sponsor of the Nobel Peace Prize Forum, to join their team for the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize Forum in December. Philip writes…

Alexander Verbeek is one of the world’s leading experts on climate change, peace, and security, having served with the Dutch Foreign Ministry for over 25 years. In my interview with him, he shared how there is growing concern in the international community that climate change is impacting peace and security, especially with regard to the most marginalized populations around the world. Click here to watch this fascinating video.

The 5 Most Important (and Shocking) Global Warming Facts
By Lawrence Woolershein
First published on

Fact 1: We are not being told the painful truth by our governments, our intelligence agencies or even our biggest environmental groups about how bad global warming currently is and more importantly, how bad it's going to get in the near future.

These falsehoods about global warming will increasingly cause extreme suffering and loss to larger and larger percentages of humanity. In part, these false statements exist because there have been numerous government underestimation errors and intentionally inappropriate and incomplete calculations concerning the necessary fossil fuel reduction targets given to the public.

Click here to read more of this article. Click here to order Lawrence Wollershein’s book, Climageddon: The Global Warming Emergency & How To Survive It.

Violinist Bethany Grace on Music and Spirituality
Video interview with Phil Bolsta

Bethany Grace has toured with everyone from Yanni and Pavarotti to Kenny Loggins and The Moody Blues. In this brief interview, she shares her thoughts on the link between music and spirituality — and why it would be impossible for her to perform without her faith. Ah, but the biggest treat awaits! In the last few minutes of this video interview, Bethany graces us with a stunning performance of Hallelujah that promises to move you to tears. Click here to watch.

The Greatest Practice To Speed Your Path to Love
Deeper Dating Podcast with Ken Page

Here’s how Ken Page describes this 24-minute audio: “The Inner Mentor Process™ is the most potent and joyful practice I know to speed your path to love. If you care about intimacy, this practice can change your life. It bypasses the inner critical voice and connects you to a stream of wisdom that matches anything the greatest dating experts could ever teach you — myself included! In this episode, I’ll guide you in this process and teach you how you can make it part of your life. Access it and you can use it every day. Get ready for a new adventure in intimacy, wisdom, and healing. You’ll thank yourself for listening.

Click here to listen to Ken’s podcast.
Click here to register for Ken’s FREE video event on Wednesday, March 20: Redefining Love: Discover Your Inner Mentor For A New Kind of Love & A Profoundly Passionate Life

Weaving Strands of Will
Web of Light Subtle Activism Series

Join Subtle Activists and life partners David T. Nicol and Kate Naga the first Saturday of each month for their Web of Light Subtle Activism Series, in which they tap into a different quality of our shared essential presence as a strand of light in the global Web. March’s presentation, “Weaving Strands of Will,” is designed to fortify and transmute the experience of being ungrounded and distracted Click here to listen.

Inspiring Women with Soul
Free online summit
March 1–14

During our FREE online Inspiring Women with Soul summit, which ends March 14, you’ll discover amazing women leaders who are on fire with possibility and purpose. Women who’ll tell you the truth and help you navigate the journey of transformation as you travel it in your daily life.

We carefully selected an incredible lineup of more than three dozen extraordinary women speakers to educate, surprise, and inspire you with profound insights for taking full advantage of this unique moment in history! If you’re a woman committed to “being the change,” you’ll love these mentorship sessions with awe-inspiring women who understand the essential keys for living a bold and beautiful soul-powered life.

Speakers include Marianne Williamson, Lisa Nichols, Sandra Ingerman, Sarah Prout, Daisy Lee, March Shimoff, and many more. To register for free and catch up on what you’ve missed, click here.

The Plant Medicine Summit
Free online summit
March 18–22

Our free online Plant Medicine Summit is a global gathering of leading botanical ecological experts, health practitioners, and inspiring educators who’ll be sharing a unique synthesis of medicine, ecology, and spirituality that promises to transform your relationship with the natural world.

Whether you’re new to herbal remedies, essential oils, and natural medicine, or a professional or clinician working with herbs, plants, energy, or the environment, you’ll discover new practices and insights for making medicinal herbs, flowers, mushrooms, aromatic ceremonial plants, and essential oils your allies in healing and transformation.

The visionary speakers in this series will bring to light the curative and evolutionary powers of specific medicinal plants — many of which you can grow in your own garden or neighborhood!

Plus, you’re in good hands with our summit host, David Crow, L.Ac., acupuncturist, herbalist, and author with over 30 years of clinical experience. As the founder of Floracopeia, a company that supports ecologically sustainable agriculture through the production of essential oils, he’s a trailblazer in the plant medicine industry, uniquely qualified to shower you with innumerable remedies for all that ails you.

Speakers include K.P. Khalsa, Darlene Starr, Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona, Dr. Trupti Gokani, Lupo Passero, Nicholas Schnell, Pam Fischer, Dr. Jifunza Wright, Mark Blumenthal, and many more. To register for free, click here.

The Wildatarian Diet: Living as Nature Intended
By Teri Cochrane, Speaker at the 2019 Inspiring Women with Soul Summit

This new approach to diet and living is always on trend and in style, because it is customized to you and only you. The Wildatarian Diet will transform the way you have been thinking about food. This book introduces several evolved and sustainable concepts that are backed by science and supported by thousands of clinical outcomes from Teri Cochrane. Learn how to customize your diet and lifestyle based on your body's unique needs and current state of health in order to achieve vitality and optimal health. Click here to order your copy.

Dear Universe
By Sarah Prout, Speaker at the 2019 Inspiring Women with Soul Summit

Ten years ago, Sarah Prout walked away from an abusive marriage with two suitcases, two kids, and $30,000 in debt. Now she teaches millions of people how to manifest through their emotions. Dear Universe first contains 100 meditations and stories for you to rise above feelings like anger, loneliness, or powerlessness. Then you're invited to aim for a love-based word from a second set of 100 meditations such as abundant, devoted, or passionate. This is your invitation to call upon the energy of the Universe and manifest your reality: a combination of practical guidance, soulful exercises, and nuggets of wisdom. Click here to order your copy.

The Untold Story of Sita: An Empowering Tale For Our Time
By Dena Merriam

The Untold Story of Sita replaces the traditional narrative of Sita's life as told in the Ramayana with Sita as she truly is -- an incarnation of the great Devi Narayani. Sita comes to Earth to join Sri Ram in setting the foundation for a new civilization at a time when humans are becoming separate from the natural world. She seeks to embed a great love for the forests and rivers, plant and animal life in the hearts and minds of the people, and to share the high spiritual accomplishments of the great women rishis and sages, many of whom you meet along Sita's journey. This is a story of a woman's wisdom, courage and strength, her love for the manifest and unmanifest worlds, and her selfless sacrifices for the welfare of all. Click here to order your copy.

For several years, The Shift Network has hosted Indigenous leaders from around the world and invited them to share their sacred knowledge, rituals, and practices to guide us in a way of living that is sustainable, healthy, and just. We’re thus delighted that the Global Indigenous Wisdom Library makes this “virtual council” of leaders and their wisdom available for everyone, everywhere for free. The Global Indigenous Wisdom Library is a collection of audio and video interviews featuring Indigenous leaders from around the world sharing prayers, sacred songs, prophecies, spiritual teachings, and pathways to healing, as well as concrete examples for birthing a new era — one in which all members of the human family are treated with respect, understanding, compassion, and justice. This sacred wisdom is important medicine for us all.

The production of The Global Indigenous Wisdom Library is a gift from The Shift Network, designed to inspire, inform, and involve you by highlighting the voices and important messages of Indigenous leaders from around the world. We want to give a heartfelt thanks to Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr. (“Brother Phil”) for his partnership in helping create this Indigenous Wisdom collection. And we thank all the speakers who have contributed to this body of knowledge. To discover more, click here.

World Peace Library. Designed for the layperson and professional peacebuilder alike, the World Peace Library has over 425 audio and video interviews with some of the most remarkable, inspiring peacebuilders in the world available to you at NO COST. You’ll find hundreds of hours of inspirational, peacebuilding, compassion-spreading talks and trainings at your fingertips with this FREE global resource. There’s no way you can’t come away from the World Peace Library deeply inspired, transformed — and part of the solution. Click here to find out how to take peace to the next level — and help co-create a global culture of peace that leaves a legacy of good for our children, our children’s children and all of humanity and life on earth.

BOOK BY STEPHEN DINAN: Sacred America, Sacred World. Infused with visionary power, Sacred America, Sacred World is a manifesto for our country’s evolution that is both political and deeply spiritual. It offers profound hope that America can grow beyond our current challenges and manifest our noblest destiny, which the book shows is rooted in sacred principles that transcend left or right political views. To order your copy, click here.

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Navigating the Dark Night of the Soul: How to Turn Your Hardest Initiations Into the Gold of an Awakened Life — A Free Virtual Event With Renowned Mystic Teacher Andrew Harvey. Gain powerful medicine for the soul that you can apply in any dark journey, especially when you’ve exhausted all other means of spiritual sustenance. Wednesday, March 13, at 5:30pm Pacific

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Redefining Love: Discover Your Inner Mentor For A New Kind of Love & A Profoundly Passionate Life — A Free Video Event With the Host of the Deeper Dating Podcast & Renowned Psychotherapist Ken Page. Discover the crucial link between self-love, romantic love, and loving ALL of life. Wednesday, March 20, at 5:30pm Pacific

Awaken Your Rhythm: Drumming to Liberate Self-Expression, Deepen Spirituality & Boost Wellbeing — With Speaker, Author, and Music Therapist Christine Stevens. Discover drumming as meditation — a rhythmic mantra that can engage the ‘monkey mind’ and help you fall deeply into your heart.
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Reclaim Your Empathic Power: Subtle Energy Body Practices to Release Energetic Ties & Resolve Life Patterns — With Healer, Teacher & Author Desda Zuckerman. Clear old stories and patterns (without processing) — and master the healing powers of your vast subtle anatomy.
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Saphichay, a charitable organization founded and organized by Indigenous identified peoples located in the central Andes in Peru. re-awakens Indigenous identity, knowledge, and traditional practice in Indigenous youth in order to build resilient communities. Saphichay supports Indigenous rights and cultural survival. Our projects and collaborations preserve and revitalize ancient/traditional wisdom to ensure their continuance for future generations.

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Our programming — in partnership with schools and at our centers through 82 local organizations — focuses on the development of the whole girl. A combination of long-lasting mentoring relationships, a pro-girl environment and research-based programming equips girls to lead fulfilling and productive lives, break the cycle of poverty, and become role models in their community.

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YAIMA is a Cascadian Folktronic music duo based in Seattle. Creating a deeply captivating and finely tuned container for their audiences, YAIMA (Mas Higasa and Pepper Proud) allow the listener the opportunity to journey through Sonic Soundscapes traversing sensually stimulating and heart-centered compositions that deeply inspire each listener to return to their truth.

YAIMA’s music is interwoven with intention and acknowledgment for the elementals. As the earth transmutes through fire, the winds move the water, the water falls and replenishes the earth — the cycles of gratitude and reciprocity is what weaves these harmonies and deeply pulsing rhythms into a unique and balanced sensational journey.

The name YAIMA emerges from two sources — one from the Mapudungun language meaning "that which water runs through” and the other from the gorgeous Island District of Okinawa, Japan.

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