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Subtle Activism for Collective Healing

Weaving Threads of Clarity

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With David T. Nicol and Kate Naga
Next Meditation: Saturday, April 6th
12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern / 7pm GMT
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Join Subtle Activists and Life Partners David T. Nicol and Kate Naga on Saturday, April 6 at 12 noon US Pacific for the next call in our Web of Light Subtle Activism Series: Weaving Threads of Clarity.

On the first Saturday of each month, we come together to tap into a different quality of our shared essential presence as a strand of light in the global Web. We are weaving together strands of our collective Joy, Love, Courage, Will and other universal spiritual qualities. Each practice is meaningful as a stand-alone experience. Over time, we will create a rich, multi-strand Web of Light that will offer potent support for collective healing.

This is ‘spider medicine’, designed to create a planetary Web of Light that will help eliminate excess negative emotions in the collective subtle ecosystem, just as a spider web serves to eliminate excess insects in a forest ecosystem.

This month we will weave together a Web of Clarity, designed to transmute confusion and overwhelm in the collective psychosphere.

Join us for a bold and vital experiment to discover the emergent world healing capacities that can only arise from a highly coherent group of diverse spiritual healers and warriors.

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About David T. Nicol

David Nicol’s journey to Subtle Activism emerged from a long quest to unite his passion for political engagement with his commitment to a path of spiritual unfolding and awakening. Formerly an environmental lawyer from Australia, David emigrated to the USA in 2000 to obtain his Masters and Ph.D. degree from the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness Program at the California Institute of Integral Studies. This visionary program and its rich community became the matrix out of which the path of Subtle Activism emerged for David as his life’s work.

David is the executive director and co-founder of the Gaiafield Project, and co-founder of BeThePeace and WiseUSA, two initiatives that have united tens of thousands of people worldwide for large-scale meditations dedicated to social change. He is the author of Subtle Activism: The Inner Dimension of Social and Planetary Transformation (SUNY Press), the first comprehensive study of the idea that focused collective meditation and intention can contribute powerfully and measurably to social change.

David has taught on Subtle Activism at the California Institute of Integral Studies, The Shift Network, and the Institute of Subtle Activism. He is the founder and director of the Earth Rising Community, a growing online global community of subtle activists who meet regularly to harness the power of awakened group consciousness for personal support and collective transformation.

About Kate Naga

Kate Naga is a business consultant and emerging spiritual teacher who guides people to work directly with the Life Force to take inspired, meaningful, and potent action, both in their own lives and on behalf of the greater good. Kate has gained valuable practical experience and skill while working in both the business and education fields, and has a particular flair for crafting elegant solutions to complex problems.

Kate’s current focus of interest is on the intersection of visionary entrepreneurship and resource amplification. She is actively supporting a collective awakening and movement towards a world where all humans are alive with a sacred and soulful connection to all of the Earth’s forms, including, and especially, each other.

Kate has been a long-time participant and is currently a seminarian student of the Diamond Approach path to inner realization.

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