[Catalyst Daily #7] Birth 2012
Backstage at the Birth’s Epicenter

As successive Waves of Unity wash over the world, and as spirit downloads its divine light and healing energy into our events and into our hearts, those of us here at Agape Center now feel your love and attention—and your patience. We’ve altered the master schedule today, for at least two reasons: Barbara needed the day to rest after the ordeal of flying to Los Angeles from Australia overnight; and video feeds from the many sites around the world have been of varying quality, so our production professionals are using discretion. Coming tonight is ecstatic and entertaining live music, but it’s all just warmup for the Gala starting tomorrow at 11:30 am Pacific, guaranteed by executive producer Charlie Gay to be on Time, in the Light, and “Spot On”!

Meanwhile, the backstage scene has been a wondrous swirl of pregnant chaos and loving cocreativity. The photo at left is just one example: the meeting of Chigong master Mingtong Gu with James O'Dea, with Philip Hellmich looking on [photo by Erika Rand], arriving in time to conduct the 4th Wave of Unity. More backstage shots are here. And those of you who are not quite set up for micro-broadcasting, do so using this link.

Tomorrow’s Gala Mainstage Program Schedule

11:30am       Preparation for the Birth
• Stephen Dinan, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Oscar Miro-Quesada, Sister Judy Cauley, Sister Jenna, & Michael Beckwith
• Prayer & song

12:00pm       Celebrating Our Birth!
• Barbara Marx Hubbard & Oscar Miro-Quesada

12:45 pm      Shift Lifetime Achievement Award

1:00pm         The Vision for the New Era
• Shirley Maclaine, Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson,  Banafsheh Sayyad Dance, Jean Houston, Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, Ozomatli, & Comedian Craig Shoemaker

2:00 pm        Putting the Vision into Action
• Michael Beckwith, Marcia Wieder, Freddie Ravel, Android Jones & Phadroid

2:30 pm        Shift Innovation Awards Presentations

2:50 pm        Declaration of Interdependence

3:15 pm        Children Are Our Future

3:20 pm        Closing Reflections and Blessings
• Barbara Marx Hubbard, Stephen Dinan, James O’Dea, & Michael Beckwith

3:30 pm        End of program

Shift Innovation Awards on Mainstage Tomorrow

At tomorrow’s Gala, and for the very first time, we present the annual Shift Innovation Awards. These awards are designed to be given to young leaders, betwen 18-35 years old, who are emerging innovators in one of four areas: sustainability, peace, economics, and health. The Award especially acknowledges achievements in innovative design that can be scaled and replicated. Below we provide a look at the nominees to the Peace Innovation Award. In the case of this award, the winner—to be announced tomorrow at the Gala—will receive $5,000 tuition toward Shift Network classes to continue his/her education. In addition, The Shift Network will showcase his or her work during its Summer of Peace celebration in 2012.

The winner remains a secret for now, but here’s a sneak preview of some of the extraordinary young people nominated for the 2012 Shift Innovation Awards for Peace…[read more]

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  Daily 7 • Dec. 21, 2012

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