[Catalyst Daily #5] Three Days of Love begins! / Incredible movement trailers / Meet the producer-director / Planetary reconstruction / “Big Project” from New York
Open your heart, and begin three days of loving acts, words, and thoughts to support the Birth! The effort's going viral with nearly 20,000 making the pledge and 50 "likes" per hour pouring into the Facebook page, so like it too. And don't miss what launched the "Three Days of Love" and everything else: Barbara's astounding premiere of "The Theater of Our Birth," which we re-broadcast all day today starting at 10:30 am (Pacific).
On the Verge: Four Incredible Trailers for Your Inspiration

This masterful and elegant video by Elevate Films,
was produced for Agape about the Birth:

"Unify" presents two deeply inspired trailers, one an overview
of this profound movement, and the second from MC Yogi:

Renowned reggae star Pato Banton, soon to appear
at the U-Day Festival in Thailand, sent us this amazing video:

Today's Birth 2012 News TV Schedule

Going live today on Birth 2012 TV!

Now in Videos on Demand (click below links to directly access each piece of content):

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Help spread the Birth 2012 global broadcast to the millions who are hungry to unify the world! Click here for instructions on how to place the Birth 2012 player on your website or Facebook page. One of the most powerful ways you can do so is to become a co-broadcaster with us and host the player on either your website or your Facebook page. By becoming a broadcaster with us, you help to spread the message far and wide. And if you know people with large, like-minded communities, please encourage them to do the same.

Producer Michael Binkow: Mix Master for the Birth Webcast

The Birth 2012 webcast launch is upon us, and the quality of its technical direction will make all the difference in our experience of this once-in-a-lifetime event. A key behind-the-curtain figure is Michael Binkow, the producer-director of our online global broadcast who'll be in the trenches making pressure-packed decisions as multiple feeds from multiple locations bombard Birth 2012 central in Los Angeles.

Michael says he's ready for the challenge, having spent the last 20 years as a leading freelance producer in the heart of Hollywood media, managing everything from game shows and variety shows to sitcoms. Most of his work, he explains, has been in "nonscripted" mediums, which will come in handy given the unprecedented grassroots phenomenon that is Birth 2012. In fact, it is this bottom-up creativity that Michael most appreciates . . . [read more]

"Big Project's" Gigantic Endeavor Launches Today

In January 2012, a group of individuals from eighteen countries invited people all over the world to share their honest thoughts and feelings on four simple questions regarding how to improve life on our planet—and nearly 1,300 people from 97 countries responded! They called their effort A Big Project—and you'll note that it's the first segment in today's webcast schedule. But rather than crank out yet another dry report, the good folks at Big Project chose to harness the power of art and music to express this emerging global voice of transformation and translate the most common themes of the responses into songs, pictures, and other mediums of creative expression. And they gave themselves a year to do it (yes, a very big project!).

Today (i.e., Thursday, Dec. 20), a Big Project's call to action officially launches with an international explosion of art and music that will bring a new sense of hope and possibility for global progress. Songs, dance, mosaics, paintings, photos, murals, sculptures, poetry, plays, live performance, pickup sticks, recycled soda cans, marching bands, crop circles, synchronized swimming, and other creative projects will be broadcast live on over 3,000 websites in 150 countries. Best of all, you can watch much of this—and participate—on your mobile phone! There will be opportunities for people to share comments through a live chat window or live stream messaging and even to live stream their own art and music. People the world over will be tweeting, Facebook messaging, and texting in pledges to help create a culture of peace and make this world a better place. Let's join them! . . . [read more]

Rinaldo Brutoco on Planetary Reconstruction
An Interview by Lion Goodman, Luminary Leadership Institute

Welcoming Committee member Rinaldo Brutoco believes that business and commerce can and must lead the reconstruction of our planet that is symbolized by the Birth. Rinaldo, who is widely recognized as a practical visionary, change agent, and futurist, is the President of the World Business Academy, which he founded in 1987 to education and inspire business leaders to take responsibility for the whole of society. An expert in emerging technologies and industries, Rinaldo was a cofounder and chief operating officer of the nation's first pay-cable television operation, among many other impressive achievements in business, law, and the nonprofit sector. Our thanks to Lion Goodman for conducting this interview on the eve of the Birth celebrations.

Lion: Why are you part of Birth 2012, and what are your personal goals for this turning-point event?

The commitment I have to Birth 2012 stems from what I believe: We've arrived at a place where we must consciously choose to evolve as individuals. We can't wait for nature to make us smarter. We have to do it ourselves . . . [read more]

Unity Prayer Teams Covering Entire "Three Days of Love"

Barbara asked Unity Church leaders recently, "Wouldn't it be wonderful for Unity—with its long history based so deeply in prayer—to anchor 'The Three Day of Love' pledge for the entire 72 hours? Who better than Unity to do this?" The Catalyst has learned from Reverend Deborah Olive that Unity will indeed blanket the Birth in prayer! "Our first commitments came," she said, "from our centers in Winnepeg, Roanoke, Hamilton, Charlotte, Tallahassee, Lynnwood, Buffalo, Tustin, El Cajon, Tampa, Redding, and Coeur D'Alene. But we still had some very early hours that were not covered. One of our people emailed our contacts in South Africa, and an email also came in from a small Unity group in Bahrain. Now all of the hours are covered beautifully."

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  Daily 5 • Dec. 20, 2012

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