[Catalyst Daily #4] Sandy Hook Vigil / Beckwith and Agape / Accessing Birth 2012 TV / Priestesses at Agape
Get ready for the launch of the global webcast by verifying your access to Birth 2012 TV. The official program begins tonight at 7:30 (Pacific) with the airing of the 90-minute "Theater of our Birth." (Barbara's program also is re-broadcast Thursday at 6:30pm Pacific.) Questions about TV access? Go to our FAQs at this link. Consult the full, updated broadcast schedule here.
Barbara and Bharat Mitra,
Executive Producer of "Theater of Our Birth"

Today's Birth 2012 News TV Schedule

Get the latest updates and live news with Stephen Dinan, starting at 12:00 noon (Pacific).

Today's news program: Today we hear from musician Freddie Ravel. Click here to watch it now.

And then join us again at 7:30 pm (Pacific), for "The Theater of Our Birth" with Barbara Marx Hubbard, live from Byron Bay, Australia! Click here to watch.

Films air at 12:30 pm (Pacific), and are available thereafter on demand. Today's films: "Shift of the Ages" and "Mayan Renaissance" [Reviews, times, and details here.]

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Today's Important Announcements

Puzzled about accessing Birth 2012 TV and its features?
If so, see the FAQs at this link. In general, just remember to go to the button labeled "Watch Live TV" on the home page navigation bar—that's all you need to watch live during the 33-hour broadcast. You don't have to go via Facebook to get to the channel, but you do need a Facebook account if you'd like to chat or watch video-on-demand. Okay, so you're more advanced? These instructions allow you to broadcast the event on your Facebook page or website!

Many More Volunteers Needed at Agape
Numerous positions are still open in all shifts, beginning Thursday morning! In exchange for your support, you will get these benefits (among many others):

  • Food and refreshments on-site during your hours of service
  • Guaranteed viewing access (but not necessarily seats) at the Gala
  • Entrance to the post-event TranscenDance Celebration on Saturday

To volunteer, contact: Nadirah Gooden

As the world grieves for those who died last week in Newtown, we offer these two pieces for healing in our community. The first is a transcription of a one-hour presentation and dialogue with James O'Dea, our lead faculty for Peace Ambassador Training and author of Cultivating Peace, who is accompanied by Sister Jenna of the Brahma Kumaris, a profound mystic and spiritual leader. This is followed by a special reflection by Philip Hellmich, director of peace at the Shift Network, and author of God and Conflict. [—Editor]

Prayer Vigil for Sandy Hook
with James O'Dea and Sister Jenna

Hello. . . This is James O'Dea. Thank you so much for joining us today as we meditate and reflect on recent killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. With me here this morning Sister Jenna from the Brahma Kumaris, who's a deep colleague in the field of peace work and peacebuilding. I'm going to open our time together then we will have time for sharing and David here at The Shift Network will help explain to you how you can offer your voice, your prayers, your sharing, your insight at this wisdom council that we're convening. Then when we conclude, I will ask Sister Jenna to lead us out into the peace, into the great peace that we so seek to embrace at this time . . . [read more]

The Light of Humanity in the Darkness: Reflections in the Shadow of Sandy Hook
By Philip Hellmich, with Elizabeth Raphael

On Friday, I had the honor of calling a very young woman from Philadelphia, Jamira Burley, to tell her that she had just been nominated for the Shift Innovation Award for Peace. This is one of four awards we will present on Saturday during our global webcast, all of them to candidates between 18 and 35 years old. The Peace Award honors Jamira's extraordinary efforts to reduce violence in Philadelphia. Then, in a follow-up call with Jamira on Friday, she happened to share with me what she was watching: news about a shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. This is how I first learned about the mass killing. This juxtaposition of a conversation with a young Shift Peace Award nominee with this news about the massacre was profound, unsettling, and stirring . . . [read more]

A Personal View of Agape Center and Michael Beckwith
By Lynne Michelson

It began in 1986, when a young man named Michael Beckwith experienced a profound inner vision. In an echo of Barbara's famed 1966 "birth" vision twenty years earlier, Michael experienced a world united, a planet full of world citizens experiencing a wondrous sense of "beloved community" and committed in loving service to humankind's highest spiritual and social development. That vision now resides in Agape International Spiritual Center. We all know Agape as the anchor site for the culmination events of Birth 2012, but not all of us know that the Center is an interdenominational church where 1,500 ecstatic worshippers regularly show up for Sunday services. Michael's early vision—and his ongoing ministry that combines deep spirituality with engaged social commitment—was also reflected in Michael's essay, "The Birth of a Global Citizenry: Fantasy, or Future Reality," that appears in Barbara's Birth 2012 and Beyond. I walked into a Sunday morning service at Agape a few years ago and experienced a delicious combination of . . . [read more]

Priestesses to Offer Healing Temple at Agape

Our Divine Mother will be honored at her own dedicated sanctuary at Agape Center. A group of inspired women and practicing priestesses are busy creating a sacred space for her at the Agape Center, in a room just off main sanctuary. Those creating the Healing Temple include Devaa Mitchell Haley, Elayne Kalila Doughty [pictured left], Marcia Weider, Anodea Judith, Patricia Ellsberg, Ashley Turner, and Amber Saint Germain, and many others. There will be a special healing rite at the Temple on 4:30pm on Saturday, but the space will be available throughout the two days. This special space will be lit with candles, and according to Haley, "the Healing Temple will incorporate dark red as its color theme to convey a womb-like atmosphere and remind us of the colors of Mother Earth herself." The priestesses will . . . [read more]

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  Daily 4 • Dec. 19, 2012

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