[Catalyst Daily #3] Chaka Khan joins program / Release of "Theater of Our Birth" / Appreciating Unsung Heroines / The Birth in Chicago
Get your tickets to the Los Angeles Gala before it's too late. We just added ten-time Grammy winner Chaka Khan as well as Android Jones, one of the top visionary artists of our day, and we will soon be announcing even more amazing featured guests. Imagine how supercharged you will emerge after having spent this important date with one of the most extraordinary spiritual communities in the world! Purchase here.
Barbara on the Imminent Release of "Theater of Our Birth"

Today's video is a very personal call to each of us. In it, Barbara prepares us to view live the world premiere of her ninety-minute "Theater of Our Birth" on Thursday at 7:30pm (Pacific), emanating from the UPLIFT Festival in Byron Bay. (Please see just below three ways to view it). This long-awaited multi-media show presents our New Story, which is Barbara core message as always, but this time is supported by the fine arts—including dance, music, and impressive graphics like that provided in the video. The "Theater of Our Birth" program covers the origin of creation through the present and beyond, and is narrated by Barbara herself. And there's more: "In it, we will also provide a model for all hubs and Birth events, demonstrating for them how to hold 'Town Meetings in the Round' now, and post-Birth," Barbara told the Catalyst. The "Theater" launches the "Three Days of Love" and is followed by our 33-hour global webcast. Of course, it is not to be missed!

Appreciating the Inspired Women Behind the Birth Worldwide
By Byron Belitsos, Managing Editor

If you cover the Birth 2012 movement as I do, you soon come to realize that women all over the world form its core—and that they are brilliant, caring, visionary, and hard-working, especially now. In fact, there are just too many such women to count (which makes we men even more grateful). It is these ladies who make Birth 2012 tick. They who give it heart. They who are its servant-leaders. Two among the very many unsung heroines of our work are Claudia Welss and Devaa Mitchell, both profiled just below. We are profoundly grateful to these two, and all the rest of you who each deserve your own profile here . . . Today's broadcast schedule is just below, and don't miss the many announcements just below that.

Today's Birth 2012 News TV Schedule

As always, the latest updates and live news with Stephen Dinan, starts at 12 noon (Pacific).
Today's program: Today you'll hear from Birth 2012's Executive Producer, Charlie Gay, a man who has managed Cher, led stadium events for Billy Graham, started a non-profit to disable land mines, and now runs FANetwork, our primary broadcasting platform for Birth 2012. Click here to watch it now.

Today's films air at 12:30 pm (Pacific) and are available thereafter on demand. They are: "Choice Point" and "Catanqua" (go here for brief reviews).

Previous episodes:

Equip Yourself with These Important Announcements

How to View "Theater of our Birth" (and All of UPLIFT 2012)
UPLIFT will bring together inspirational artists and innovative thinkers for four days, and opens with Barbara's "Theater." You can view the extensive programming from Australia in three ways:
1. At our own TV channel, Birth2012.tv
2. Via the home page of the UPLIFT website.
3. By receiving the live feed of the event via the UPLIFT App. Use these links to get the App for iPhones and iPads and Android.

How to Host the Birth 2012 Broadcast
You can now host our historic 33-hour webcast on your Facebook page or on your website—or both. Just click here for instructions.

New Birth 2012 "Global Broadcast Poster," "Gala Poster," and Postcards
Get 'em here, and don't forget about the many other resources available at this link, including mugs, T-shirts, and bumper stickers. The "Global Broadcast Poster," is suitable to hang anywhere in the world if you have a color printer!

Check Out This Week's Birth 2012 Film Festival
We are honoring the filmmaking talent in and around our movement with the Birth 2012 Film Festival, which runs all this week and concludes on December 22. We are providing five new films, all gifted to us by the creators of these pieces. You may have noticed that we are releasing two important films each day through the week—each one in their own way detailing the Great Shift and celebrating a new era for humanity. View the full list here. After the back-to-back rollouts each day, the films are then available whenever you want on VOD (video on demand) at the Birth2012.com/tv link.

Work Exchange Volunteers Sought for LA Events
We are seeking work-exchange volunteers during December 20–22 to support all activities at Agape Center. Work-exchange volunteers are needed each of the three days and for pre-event publicity and especially on Dec. 22. There are a limited number of volunteer/work exchange slots available. All volunteers get entry (but not necessarily a seat) at the event. Please apply through our Mobilizer's page.

Claudia Welss: Heartfully Cocreating the Coherent Global Field
By Byron Belitsos

"This is a reminder of your intention to participate in amplifying the coherence of a resonant field for at least 3 minutes at Noon Pacific time (20:00 UTC) in support of our planetary birth on 12/22/12 and beyond. Through the amplification of coherence, we are deepening; through the organic expansion of our Hub by inviting in others with this soul purpose, we are broadening, cocreating a 'breadth of depth' in the field. May we enliven the heart of the Noosphere with our own hearts."

The above note appears in my inbox twice each day, and it is authored by our first unsung heroine, Claudia Welss of Berkeley, California, who is a close friend and collaborator of Barbara's. A member of the Gaiafield Council, (whose work on subtle activism has been covered in the Catalyst), Claudia was a key pioneer in the worldwide dissemination of the concepts and techniques of HeartMath. She incorporated it into her work as director of the Center for Executive Development at the University of California at Berkeley, where her other passion was to expand the business school's curriculum with course content that covered the CSR (corporate social responsibility) movement. She is also deeply involved in theoretical work in consciousness studies, as evidenced by her important essay, "Energizing Social Synergy for the Shift," which appeared in Barbara's Birth 2012 and Beyond. Truly, Claudia likes to stay rather active: She's also on steering committee of the Global Coherence Initiative for the Institute of HeartMath. But perhaps her chief contribution at the moment is as the cofounder and daily driver—along with Eric Lawyer of Seattle—of a unique resonance-building initiative that is integral to the Birth 2012 movement. . . [read more]

New Mexico Ceremony Passes "Staff of Power" To Women
By Devaa Mitchell Haley

In a recent issue we featured Stephen Dinan's remarks about a profound Native American ceremony he recently attended in New Mexico with his wife Devaa Mitchell Haley. This account below by Devaa fills us in more about this sacred experience, and serves as a fitting preface to the events later this week. And don't miss the artistically brilliant video [at left] by Joyce Anastasia that weaves scenes from the New Mexico rite (and much more) around Devaa's new song, a true anthem for Birth 2012:"Birth of a New Way."

We are in a little rural town of called Estancia in New Mexico. It's dark, and it's cold. So we huddle together in a small adobe hut, waiting. Eventually, we hear a car on the gravel outside, and then the cheerful voice don Alejandro, a well-respected Elder of the Mayan people. He's an older man, and quite small. Wearing a wry smile, he enters the hut and walks into the embracing arms of our host, Grandmother Flordemayo of the Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. Though we don't all know it yet, we are gathered for a very important ceremony. Don Alejandro begins to share with us about this crucial period in history . . . [read more]

Chicago Blows Away the Blues for the Birth

Chicago's conscious evolutionaries will launch their event on Saturday at the gorgeous international Bahai Center north of the city in Wilmette. The morning opens with a silent meditation "to strengthen the field of love," and the ceremony concludes with a gathering circle, a global blessing, and a release of floating lanterns. Then the Chicagoans will reconvene at another location, the Bodhi Spiritual Center, for a seven-hour main event, opening with the webcast of the Gala at Agape Center. . . The first evolutionary circle in Chicagoland was created in June, 2011. Since then, circles led by students of Barbara have joined together as an extraordinary hub and volunteer team to create "Birth 2012 Chicagoland." Speakers include author Sonia Choquette, and many other local luminaries, musicians and artists. "The process of co-creation has been an emergence reflecting divine expression, timing and support," said Nina Patrick, one of the conveners.

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