[Catalyst Daily #2] Chaka Khan added to LA / John Perkins in Guatemala / Rickie Byars Beckwith
Share with your friends and allies the spectacular new video trailer created by Elevate Films that focuses on the very special events this Friday and Saturday at Agape Spiritual Center.
Barbara's Special Call to New Hubs

Job #1: Building a Coherent Field of Love around the Planet
By Byron Belitsos, Managing Editor

For three days beginning December 20, we'll build a coherent field of love around the planet to connect people in a spirit of collaboration and healing. Let's use this auspicious time shift our civilization from fear to love. Scientific studies have shown that a unified field of the human heart can effect change in real time and create an "energetic" framework for effective cooperation and community building. The first of our series of messages about this crucial effort are just below.

Today's Birth 2012 News TV schedule

Latest updates and live news with Stephen Dinan, starts at 12:00 noon (Pacific): Click here to watch live
Today: Devaa Haley on the rise of the feminine; update from the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem; latest breaking news from around the world, including addition of Chaka Khan to Los Angeles Agape event

Previous episodes:

Today's Free Film: Awaken: Soul to Soul
Released video-on-demand as of 12:30 pm Pacific today at birth2012.com/tv

In this intimate cinematic experience, an A-list roster of sages and healers—including Robert Thurman, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Don Miguel Ruiz, and half a dozen others—create a welcoming space for the transmission of insight and wisdom for these challenging times. Looking and speaking directly into the camera as if they were sitting across from us in a favorite café, they remind us with genuine warmth and passion that we are all interconnected and that it's time to bring that knowing into our everyday actions. Their wise words are punctuated by stunning visuals of our earthly home.

Help Build—and View—the Global Field for the Birth

David Nicol and the Gaiafield Project, whose pioneering work in the field of "subtle activism" was profiled in an earlier edition of the Catalyst, is convening a "global attunement for peace" webcast to help anchor the global field in deep coherence on December 21. The Gaiafield Council, a group of leaders in the field of subtle activism, has developed their attunement practice through weekly phone sessions since 2008. The practice creates a structured and safe space that allows participants to connect deeply with each other and with allies from nature and the subtle realms of spirit. The one-hour call on December 21 is intended to help open to and ground the energies coming into the earth during this special time.

In addition, the Gaiafield Project will also host a Global Care Room on December 20-22. Developed by the Institute of HeartMath's Global Coherence Initiative, the Care Room features a spinning Google Earth map that shows the location of participants as points of light, thus providing an inspiring visual image of the global field forming in real time. A meditation will be available in the Care Room to help guide participants into a state of deep coherence and connection. If you create an account you can leave comments at the site and read comments of others. Between December 20-22, visit the Care Room as often as you wish to be uplifted by the global field!

Accessing the global attunement telecast
When: 12 Noon PST/8pm GMT, Friday, Dec. 21

  1. If by phone or Skype (if using Skype dial the number below): Call-in number: 1-724-444-7444; ID: 125271#; Password: 1#
  2. If by audio webcast use http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/125271 (use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer only)

Accessing the Global Care Room
When: Visit as many times as you wish between Dec. 20-22
How: Go here and either create an account or simply enter as a guest.

Meet the Queen of the Gala Mainstage: Rickie Beckwith

"Spirit encourages me to be a voice of inspiration," says Rickie Byars Beckwith, music and arts director of the Agape Center, who will play an essential role on the mainstage during the broadcasts on December 21-22. Rickie, of course, is the wife of Agape founder and spiritual director, Michael Bernard Beckwith, and is a recording artist and author in her own right in addition to leading the 200-member Agape international choir and house band. Working in tandem with Michael in their worldwide ministry, their powerful partnership exudes spirit and passion—by all accounts of those who have attended their services in Culver City or have watched their online broadcasts.

Arriving at their church, you might find yourself dancing to soul music, Rickie's delightful compositions, or swaying to transformational healing songs. Backed by some of the most accomplished musicians from Los Angeles and beyond, the Agape choir is heard daily worldwide, including North America, Europe, Africa, and India. Featured guest artists who regularly perform with the choir include John Legend, Will.I.Am, Stevie Wonder, Niki Haris, Brenda Marie Eager, and Tim McAfee-Lewis. In 2011, Rickie brought out her debut book Let My Soul Surrender: Grace Notes of a Journey, with a companion CD by the same name. This book combines poetic prose, memoir, and storytelling for a look at how spirit can work through an artist in the creation of music.

Author John Perkins Leads Ceremony from Guatemala

The First Wave of Unity at noon (Pacific) on Dec. 21 will be followed by a ceremony from indigenous elders in Australia at the UPLIFT Festival. Soon after, the broadcast cuts to Guatemala. At 12:50pm, renowned author John Perkins will host an important ceremony with Mayan elders and shamans. Most of us know John as the New York Times best-selling author of many books including Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. But he is also considered a leading authority on indigenous cultures and shamanism, having studied with indigenous teachers on six continents. And he's been involved with Mayan shamans and the interpretation of their prophecies since the early 1970s, long before most of us heard of the December 21, 2012 date! John narrated for the Catalyst what he will be doing in Guatemala . . . [read more]

The World Peace Prayer Ceremony—Fifth "Wave of Unity"

In early 2012, Ben Hart of our Summer of Peace program was invited to speak at a profound ceremony at the base of Mt. Fuji, Japan. This trip paved the way for a joyful partnership between the Birth 2012 movement and the World Peace Prayer Society, which has agreed to share this powerful rite with the world at 8pm (Pacific), December 21 during our global broadcast. It will be our fifth of twelve "Waves of Unity." The roots of this initiative go back to 1955, ten years after Hiroshima . . . [read more]

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